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The Taiwan Airport Authority has invested huge sums of money to replace one hundred thousand LED lights in 15 million kilowatt hours.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to Taiwan media Sing Tao Daily reported, in order to save energy and reduce emissions, the Taiwan AA cost nearly 100 million yuan to replace more than one hundred thousand lights in the airport into LED lights, reducing ninety-five million tons of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to planting more than 24 million trees, and improving the color of the airport passenger terminal, so that when visitors take photos, the complexion is more natural. 。 The Taiwan Airport Authority also plans to change the light bladder of the headlight and taxiway side lights to LED lights, and is studying how to meet the relevant requirements of the international civil aviation organization.

In early years, the Taiwan AA set down 25% emission reduction targets for the airport, and implemented a number of measures, including shutting down the spoon and introducing electric vehicles. Among them, the Taiwan AA spent nearly one hundred million yuan. From 2009, the light and light tubes of about one hundred thousand lights in the airport were replaced by LED lights, accounting for 78% of the total airport lighting.

The project was originally completed last year, but it was slightly delayed until January this year. First of all, the replacement of the shop front lamp and quartz lamp gallbladder in the East West lobby of the airport No. 1 passenger terminal building will save 90% of the electricity consumption; secondly, the electricity gallbladder in the toilet will save electricity by 50%; and the T8 light pipe with baggage claim hall and passenger sign will save electricity by 38%. Recently, the Taiwan Airport Authority has replaced the metal halogen lamps on the canopy of passenger terminal 1 and two with five thousand and nine hundred LED lights to save electricity.

Huang Jia He, senior manager of the engineering and maintenance department of the AA, explained that the Taiwan Airport Authority had to work with manufacturers to develop LED lights for sky screens, resulting in minor delays. Huang Jia He said that the self developed LED lights have different directions for each lamp, the light distribution is even more, and they can be reopened in real time after closing. With the LED color of 90%, which is about 20% higher than that of the metal halogen lamp, the lights in the passenger terminal are closer to nature. Color and purple will be more obvious than before.

Huang Jia He pointed out that the life of LED lamps can last four to five years, which is twice as long as that of traditional light bulbs and light pipes. It can save maintenance costs. The whole project is estimated to save fifteen million kilowatts per year for the airport, equivalent to two thousand and eight hundred people in four families and ninety-five million tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Twenty four thousand trees, four meters tall, are expected to return to three and a half years.

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