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Tianjin to transform street lighting main road brightness increased by 30%

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the work plan of comprehensive renovation of city appearance and environment, the city street lamp management department has fully started the improvement of urban street lighting facilities.

In recent days, the street lamp management office has decorated the 935 basic lampposts of 8 main trunk roads, such as Tai'an road and Nanjing Road, and carried out comprehensive inspection, cleaning and overhaul of the street lighting lines, lampposts, lamps and boxes and other facilities along the key roads, sections, culverts and Haihe River Bridges in the central city. Up to now, 5060 damaged and damaged street lamp posts have been repaired, and 216 vertical base lamps are repaired, 132 of the positive lamp arms are replaced, 6610 of the damaged lampshades and 6610 bulbs are replaced, the private wires are removed on the lampposts, and more than 50 signs are used, and 85 temporary overhead cables in the external loop are rebuilt.

It is understood that the street lamp management office will use one month to replace the 3399 main street lamps, such as friendship south road, Southeast half ring expressway and other 16 main trunk roads, which exceed the useful life and serious aging. At the same time, replace 10 indoor aging switchboards, 6 aging box stations and 6 kilometers of aging cables. The lighting of urban main trunk roads is increased by 30%.

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