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Xiamen: by the end of 2016, public institutions will complete 520 thousand LED lighting transformation.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Xiamen encourages the use of contract energy management to carry out energy saving transformation. By the end of 2016, LED lighting products are widely used by public institutions in the city. On the 12 day, the Xiamen public institution LED lighting special energy saving transformation policy seminar was held in the West Building of the city administration center. The conference was jointly sponsored by the Municipal Economic Development Bureau, the Municipal Administration Bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau.

Starting from this year, Xiamen will use 3 years' time (2014 to 2016) to guide public institutions, public institutions and other public institutions to complete 520 thousand LED lighting energy saving transformation. By the end of 2016, the LED lighting products will be widely used in public lighting. After the implementation of the project, the annual electricity consumption is about 50 million degrees, and the annual standard coal consumption is more than 17 thousand and 500 tons.

Public institutions implement LED lighting special transformation, the government will also send "big gift package". The LED lighting special transformation will give priority to the use of contract energy management. In this way, energy saving service companies can apply for relevant financial subsidies. The LED energy saving renovation project carried out by the unit investment will give a one-time subsidy of 350 yuan / ton of standard coal according to the annual energy realized after the project is completed.

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