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Xiamen is tightening up the innovation of "nose", the five countermeasures to create 100 billion photoelectric industry group

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As a national semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization base, Xiamen, since its strategic goal of cultivating optoelectronic industry in 2004, has adhered to the "five innovations" and has achieved a trillion optical industrial clusters.

In 2013, the total output value of Xiamen's photoelectric industry reached 121 billion 800 million yuan, accounting for about 20% of the total industrial output value of Xiamen, accounting for more than half of the total output value of the province's photoelectric industry. With the development characteristics of "innovation, quality and focus", the industry has been summed up as the "Xiamen model". It has become one of the two modes of LED industry development in China.

First, the innovation mechanism is the first step for domestic collaborative innovation. In 2008, the Xiamen science and Technology Bureau opened the lead in China, and instructed the city photoelectric association to set up the Xiamen photoelectric industry technology innovation alliance to promote the research of photoelectric collaborative technology innovation. It has invested 20 million yuan in municipal financial and technological funds to drive the total investment of society to 180 million yuan. The organization alliance has implemented the key technologies and industrialization projects of "semiconductor lighting LED epitaxy, chip and packaging", "LED street lamp technology innovation and demonstration project", and "mobile communication, digital TV transmission technology". Innovation and industrialization "three major scientific and technological tackling key projects, so that the city's lighting level LED chips, LED street lights and optical communication technology reached the leading domestic level at that time. The patent license of photoelectric industry in the whole city has increased year by year. For example, since 2008, the city has authorized LED patents totaling 1775 pieces, with an average annual growth of 27%, and authorized inventions amounted to 924, with an average annual growth of 25%.

The two is the main body of innovation, guiding enterprises to enhance their capability of independent innovation. Xiamen firmly grasp the "nose" of enterprise innovation and take measures to strengthen the technological innovation capability of enterprises. For example, in 2013, Xiamen invested 9 million 30 thousand yuan in science and technology support funds to drive the total capital of 100 million yuan, guided by the key and common technology needs of the photoelectric industry, guided enterprises to tackle innovation problems and promoted the industrialization of innovation results. With the support and guidance of relevant departments such as municipal science and Technology Bureau, the main position of Xiamen photoelectric enterprises in independent innovation is further enhanced. For example, the white light LED chip developed by San an photoelectric has a luminous efficiency of 147 lumens per watt, and its industrialization level reaches 120-130 lumens per watt, which is close to the international advanced level. Xiamen sunshine tolerance 3 years ahead of schedule has achieved the goal of the US Department of energy LED bulb lamp OEM price of 10 lumens per thousand lumens. The red light LED chip with dry illumination has achieved the leading effect in China. Level, become one of the only two suppliers of CCTV Spring Festival Gala on the scene of LED display red chip in 2013. Xiamen Pu launched the world's first emergency LED daylight lamp for optoelectronics. The product has passed CE and ROHS certification. A spotlight designed by Tong Shi Da has won the Red Star Award of China's innovation design, and LED lamps designed by finnicks. It was awarded the German IF design prize, known as "Oscar of design". At present, the Xiamen optoelectronics industry has 23 enterprise technology centers (including 3 national, 7 provincial, 13 municipal), 3 key laboratories (1 national, 1 provincial, 1 municipal), 3 National Post Doctoral workstations, and 7 engineering and technology research centers (including 2 provincial and 2 municipal level).

Three, we should innovate applications and create quality demonstration projects. Xiamen science and Technology Bureau and other departments adhering to the purpose of "application for development", play the guiding role of demonstration work such as "ten cities and 10000 cities" and "cross strait bridging", and actively unite with relevant departments to advocate the idea of "quality" project in social construction. Up to now, Xiamen has popularized 2 million 600 thousand LED lighting fixtures, which can save 60 million degrees of electricity annually, reducing CO2, SO2, NOX and dust emission by about 80 thousand tons annually. Among them, ten demonstration projects in Xiamen have invested 30 million yuan LED special financial subsidies to drive the total investment of society to 170 million yuan. A total of 140 thousand LED lamps and lanterns have been implemented, which save more than 50% of energy, and some projects are 70%-80% energy saving. In addition, Xiamen has successfully declared the implementation of the 13.2MWP national "golden sun" solar photovoltaic demonstration project, and actively declared the national distributed solar power application demonstration area. Through the good social effects of the above quality projects, in 2012 -2013, Xiamen achieved good results in building LED application projects through commercial mode. There were about 60 thousand LED tunnel lights and more than 3 thousand LED street lamps in EMC and BT models. The Xiamen tunnel lighting has basically been powered by LED lamps.

The four is the innovation environment to stimulate industrial innovation vitality. Xiamen has set up a series of public service platforms including LED industry every year with 75% of financial innovation and R & D expenditure. For example, the first phase of Xiamen's financial investment is 100 million yuan, and the establishment of Xiamen national LED testing and Certification Center has become an important support for the development of LED industry in the base. It encourages and guides enterprises to build innovative platforms such as LED application R & D centers and LED marketing centers. In recent years, under the support and guidance of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau, the expert group of the municipal photoelectric Association organized the first nine local technical specifications and regulations, such as LED road lighting, in China. On this basis, the two provincial provincial standards of "LED road lighting power LEDs" and "high-power LED street lamps" have been officially released and become the mutual recognition standard between Fujian and Taiwan. The 3 provincial local standards such as the general requirements of LED indoor lighting products have been released by expert assessment and become the mutual recognition standard between Fujian and Taiwan. A dynamic measurement method for LED road lighting is being upgraded to national standard, which provides reliable technical support for promoting the healthy and sustainable development of Xiamen's semiconductor lighting industry. In addition, Xiamen attaches great importance to the cultivation, introduction and reserve of LED talents. In 2012 -2013, through the "double hundred plan" and "Hai Hai Chuan Chuan" Talents Program, we vigorously trained and introduced LED industry management and technical personnel, set up the Xiamen photoelectric industry talent training committee, implemented LED skilled personnel training base and enterprise customized personnel training base construction.

Five, we should innovate cooperation and promote win-win exchange of foreign industries. Over the years, the Xiamen science and Technology Bureau, the torch high tech Zone Management Committee, the city photoelectric Association and other units, together with the Taiwan Electric Power Association, Taiwan photoelectric Union and Taiwan Institute of technology, are committed to promoting the establishment of a complementary mechanism of cross strait industrial advantages. At present, there are 7 Theme bases of Taiwan science and technology enterprise incubation center and Xiamen integrated electrical design public service platform. In 2012 -2013, Xiamen San an optoelectronic shares in Taiwan, Taiwan Yuan Yuan photoelectric investment in the development of crystal lighting; Xiamen Lida and Jingyuan photoelectric co construction of the first cross-strait technology center; Fujian and Taiwan for the first time issued the LED mutual recognition standard and carry out detection than equivalence; "two shore bridging" the first LED street lamp demonstration project. The city is on the floor. Since 2004, the Xiamen Municipal Science and Technology Bureau and other units have held a series of photoelectric activities in Taiwan for 9 consecutive years. A total of more than 1000 enterprises have been organized. About 30 thousand professional businessmen have participated in the exhibition (more than 300 Taiwan funded enterprises and 1 businessmen from Taiwan). Influence and appeal of the industry event. At the same time, we will organize enterprises to participate in a series of major exhibitions at home and abroad. According to incomplete statistics, it brings about 450 million international orders for Xiamen enterprises. In 2013, Xiamen became the only assessment point for China and Germany to implement the semiconductor lighting demonstration project jointly.

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