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100 thousand yuan to replace 64 LED street lamps, more than 75% of the energy depends on the sun.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Chongqing morning post news, the road in Dadukou Jian Sheng Town installed solar LED street lights, more than 75% of the energy depends on solar energy. Yesterday, the municipal garden Bureau of Dadukou District revealed that 64 solar LED streetlights were installed for pilot projects and will be retrofit for green lighting next year.

Dadukou District Municipal Bureau of parks and woods introduced that the investment of more than 10 million yuan installed 64 rural street lamps, are 60 watts of solar LED street lamps, according to the design of streetlights more than 75% of the year's energy depends on solar energy, 25% of the energy depends on electric energy compensation, not only energy saving, but also to meet the needs of ordinary people.

The Dadukou municipal garden bureau plans to implement the green transformation lighting project in the whole area for two years, adopt the contract energy management investment mode, and determine the energy conservation service company through the form of tendering. It is estimated that by 2016, more than 8000 LED lamps will be replaced, more than 300 sets of lamp arms should be replaced, and more than 100 sets of lampposts (including basic) will be replaced.

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