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7 LED Jun won 2015 Japanese excellent design 100 best

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


[China LED news] recently, Japan's Good Design Award 2015 Design Awards announced the final winners list. Good Design Award (excellent design award) is a comprehensive design award system sponsored by Japan design and revitalization Association. It was founded in 1957. Up to now, more than 42000 outstanding design works have been awarded. In 2015, a total of 1370 entries were awarded, including outstanding LED lamps and related products.

The existing 7 LED related works were awarded "Good Design Best 100 (PARKnSHOP design)", and Xiaobian was selected to share with you.

1, LED Lantern (LED small lantern)

Production / design firm: Panasonic (Panasonic)

This small lantern can be used in many different situations, and can be used as portable lamps, table lamps and ceiling lamps. The installation is very convenient, with two brightness modes, and three AA batteries.

2, LED light bulb (LED filament lamp)

Production / Design Manufacturer: Hongkong SIM Lighting design company

This LED filament lamp is the first filament lamp product of SIM Lighting company. There are three models of 3.5W, 5.5W and 6.5W, 360 degree full cycle light, the color temperature range is 2400K-6500K, luminous flux is 550lm-650lm, and the service life is 25000 hours.

3, Storage Battery for Solar Energy with LED Light (solar LED lamp)

Production / design firm: Panasonic (Panasonic)

This product is mainly designed for no electricity area, divided into two models, small chandeliers and lamp tubes. The 15W solar panels are combined with LED lamps to absorb and store solar energy through the battery panels, so that LED can emit bright light. The lighting system also has a USB interface, which can charge the mobile phone for a period of 5 years. The luminous flux of 1.5W LED chandelier is 100lm, and the sustainable use time is 24 hours. The 5W LED lamp tube has two modes, the luminous flux is 250lm and 500lm respectively, and the sustainable use time is 14 hours and 7 hours respectively.

4, outdoor lighting Bisai

Production / Design Manufacturer: LIXIL, Japan

The Bisai series is an outdoor lighting product. It is easy to install and can be installed without electrician qualification. Its most prominent feature is simple design and various specifications, which can satisfy various outdoor lighting schemes.

5, Smart Rope (LED intelligent rope skipping)

Production / Design Manufacturer: Tangram factory in Korea

Smart Rope looks simple and looks very stylish. Its main feature is that it has many LED bulbs embedded on the rope. When jumping rope, it can instantly show the current jumping times, which is very cool. In addition, its built-in sensors can be connected to mobile devices such as mobile phones, and can match APP with data such as number of times, heartbeat rate and heat consumption.

6, Lighting audio system (lighting and sound system)

Production / Design Manufacturer: Japan Yamaha (YAMAHA) Co., Ltd.

The two products are YAMAHA bookshelf Bluetooth sound system LSX-170 and portable rechargeable Bluetooth sound system LSX-70. They combine the sound and lighting, and have the function of lighting, timing, and playing music regularly. It can be manipulated by its own remote controller or APP DTA CONTROLLER on mobile devices. At the same time, support iOS and Android system.

7, Interactive LED basketball court (LED interactive basketball court)

Production / design firms: AKQA, Rhizomatiks and WiSpark

Nike and AKQA, Rhizomatiks and WiSpark jointly built the world's first LED floor Stadium - "black mamba" Digital Interactive stadium. It is the first intelligent LED stadium in the world. The special floor is covered with LED lights. The built-in sensors can track the players' dynamic and sound on the court. Players can follow the lights to simulate the pace and create the exclusive basic training for each player. In addition, the LED interactive court can simulate the corresponding footprints according to the action of Kobe Bryant and become the imaginary enemies of the players, making them challenging. (compile / China LED net Flora)

Note: the above pictures are from the official website of Good Design.

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