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Amazing! The lamp can be put in the barrel and can be lit without electricity.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Taiwan's network news, a single light tube, do not connect wires, put into a "bucket", this lamp has lit up.

Two "iron boxes", after some transformation, can automatically separate grease from swill water, known as "gutter oil".

Yesterday, at the Xiamen intellectual property incubation base patent product exhibition, these inventions made visitors praise.

There is nothing more than an "electronic resonance light" in the product exhibition. This lamp can be "suspended" and shiny.

The inventor said, "this bucket" is not an ordinary barrel, it is an electronic resonance multi-function machine. He said that after the multi-function machine was electrified, electromagnetic waves were generated, and the fluorescent phosphors of the lamp tubes were activated by electromagnetic resonance. Therefore, the lamp can be lit without connection.

According to the introduction, the electromagnetic induction lamp is an international fourth generation energy saving and environment-friendly new light source which integrates electronic, electromagnetic and vacuum technologies. It has the characteristics of simple structure, no electrode, no filament, high luminous efficiency, high color rendering and long life. In the future, as long as there is an electronic resonance machine, many lights can be lit up, saving electricity and environmental protection.

Another "good weapon" is a gutter oil buster. In terms of appearance, this guy is "not amazing", that is, the combination of two iron boxes.

However, do not underestimate these two iron boxes, their "digestive tract" but there are big things. According to the staff, it can separate waste water, waste residue and waste oil according to the differences in physical principles and chemical principles. The separated grease will be collected automatically in the oil collector, so as to achieve the separation of water and grease, and eliminate the possibility that the waste oil will flow into the market from the source. At the same time, it can also play the role of "turning waste into treasure". The collected waste oil can be recycled and converted into ecological diesel.

It is reported that the above two inventions have begun mass production in Xiamen.

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