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Anecdote: 13 men wait for LED big screen

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


On the podium of the round lake competition, a big LED screen attracted people's attention. The LED electronic screen is made up of 28 LED small screens weighing more than 100 Jin. Because of the large LED screen, 13 men are responsible for assembling and disassembling every day.

According to the staff Commissioner Guan Feng, the previous awarding cars were all painted by inkjet. Since 2011, the LED large screen has been launched, which is mainly used for assisting the athletes before and after the awards. The large screen can play videos, animations, pictures and other promotional materials in a smooth and clear manner. Since its use, it has been widely praised by the organizing committee, athletes and spectators.

The weight of these single LED screens is more than 100 Jin, which makes the staff work hard to assemble and disassemble. 13 men need two hours of work a day. Guan Feng said that after the day's competition, they dismounted the big screen and hurried to the next stage. These large screens are electronic devices. No gaps can be found during installation, otherwise they will have to be removed and reinstalled. Though they are tired and disassembled every day, they feel that their efforts are worth while considering the warm scenes at the awards.

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