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Another Chang'e rush to the moon "amazing" Suzhou

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


The moon in Mid Autumn Festival has seen the moon in the sky, but you have never seen such a thing. On the morning of 28 morning, the silk carving paper decorating painting of Chang'e rush to the moon by Jin Guorong, the master of Arts and crafts in the city, made people feel the new charm of paper cutting, silk, color changing decoration art and LED light source "four in one".

The moon is in the sky, and the Chang'e is flying in the air. The Chang'e rush to the moon is lifelike, and the most magical thing is that the silk cut paper decorating painting also brings its own LED light source, opens the power supply, and creates the "bright moonlight", which reflects the Chang-E paper cutting under the gradual change of color background. Like a dream. The pure silk cut is only 3 to 4 millimeters wide. Silk fabric is thin and has a warp and weft thread. It is easy to jump off the silk thread by cutting. It is the most difficult thing to get facial lines. The jade rabbit, cloud and so on in the picture are exquisite and lifelike.

Jin Guorong's "four in one" silk cut paper-cut decorative painting is still the first in China. According to the introduction, this "Chang'e rush to the moon" is 80 centimeters and 60 centimeters high respectively. The background of silk paper cutting breaks the traditional paper cut "white bottom", and introduces the gradual change art of modern advertisement decoration. From the sky blue to the yellowish color, it shows the effect of "rushing to the moon" in its territory in the background of the LED lighting background. The red "Silk Chang'e" and "Jade Rabbit" reflect each other, bringing new visual impact to people.

"It is the first time to show the mid autumn theme with silk paper cutting". This year, Jin Guorong, 57, has been making paper-cut career for more than 30 years. 4 years ago, he first created the silk cut paper with Suzhou flavor, and applied for the invention patent of a paper cut craft with silk fabric as the carrier. "Traditional paper-cut art needs to be constantly innovating in material and creative techniques, only vitality." before the Mid Autumn Festival this year, Jin Guo Rong made a seamless connection between traditional paper-cut and modern decorative art, and created "four in one" silk cut paper decorative painting. In order to achieve a new visual effect, Jin Guorong draws inspiration from the modern advertising art background decoration and lighting layout, integrating traditional and modern into one.

This silk cut paper-cut is decorated with Yin and Yang scissors. The main picture is made of red silk and has the black seal style "Chang'e rush to the moon".

According to Jin Guorong, in the paper-cut decorations, yin and scissors are used in the same part of the moon and Chang'e, and Yang's elegant skirts and clouds are made of Yang shears. "The width of the silk cut out is generally only 3 to 4 millimeters". Compared to the silk fabric and paper, because of thin fabric and longitude and latitude, it is easy to jump off the wire and cut the edge. The hardest part is the facial line of the character, and the place should also cut out the expression. After careful consideration, Jin Guorong will cut it down. The jade rabbit, cloud and so on in the picture are also exquisite and lifelike.

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