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Beijing city issued technical standard of city landscape lighting to reduce light pollution

Time:2017-08-07 FONT:bigMinmin


Recently, the Beijing Municipal Committee of the local standard "Beijing city landscape lighting technical specifications" series of standards (hereinafter referred to as the "standard") comments. "Standard" proposed regulations, landscape lighting is prohibited to use powerful searchlights, high-power floodlights, and interference of building residential apartments, hospital wards and other light to make strict rules.

In addition, if the residents of the home by street or advertising neon light pollution problems, can call to reflect the management department.

After 23 to become weak illumination

"Standard" requirements, landscape lighting should be fully considered in the design of landscape surrounding environment. The rest shall not affect the normal residents in the surrounding residential landscape lighting facilities, should be in the bedroom lamp brightness control.

On the road of periphery of landscape lighting, LED lamps should be set up to the driver's gaze direction.

"Standard" of maximum intensity maximum vertical illuminance residential rooms and hospital wards building on the window and see light directly from the interior of the value to make specific provisions. Residential street side limits slightly loose in non side street. In the 23 line, 23 hours before the illumination, intensity ratio of 23 to about three to five times.

Rare trees not landscape lighting

The effects of light pollution on plants and animals, "standard" also make, should avoid the normal growth of animal life and interference landscape lighting plants, landscape lighting should not be set for rare trees.

Decorative lamp single lamp power installed in the tree should be less than 1W, and should confirm the surface temperature of the bulb is lower than the damage or impact on the normal growth temperature of trees.

The people of the "norm" as a proposal before August 28th, via email or fax to the Municipal Committee feedback.

Reminder: Neon glare can hit 96310

Residents encounter light pollution, according to the properties of different light sources to different departments complaints.

If it is a large neon lights, billboards and other advertisements on light pollution, residents can call the service hotline 96310 to report, brightness, urban management department will coordinate the business norms according to the relevant provisions of the lighting lamp switch time.

If you live far too near the street lamp, street lamp caused by light pollution, you can call the Beijing city lighting management center telephone 67601234.

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