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Beyond the "de energize" no power LED lights come out

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Have you ever thought of using your body as a power source? Mini flashlight Lumen can make your dreams come true. Lumen is a super mini flashlight. It does not need to connect the power supply without batteries. As long as you move your finger, it can shine. Its designer, Ross Zhuravskiy, says that if used properly, this small flashlight can be "permanently" illuminated.


Flashlight Lumen does not need power, it will shine when it senses temperature difference.


The small flashlight is equipped with TEG (thermoelectric generator) to generate current.

Lumen is equipped with a thermoelectric generator and a ceramic rod. When it detects the difference in temperature, it will generate electric current. Its working principle is very simple. When you touch TEG with your fingers, the difference between the upper and lower ends will form a temperature difference, which will generate an electric current to light the flashlight bulb. The designer Ross Zhuravskiy said that the temperature of the human body is about 98 degrees F (Fahrenheit), and the ambient temperature is about 82 degrees F. Such a temperature difference can induce Lumen to generate about 15 mA, 3V current, enough to brighten a 5mm sized CREE LED bead built in Lumen, and the output of light can reach 3000. When the temperature difference is bigger, the extra energy will be stored.

The shell of Lumen has two materials, one is aluminum and the other is titanium, weighing about 35 grams and 45 grams respectively. In addition to the different materials, Lumen is also divided into the ordinary version and the advanced version. The advanced version has a tritium gas in it, which can last more than 10 years. Therefore, even in a dark room, you can easily find this "little guy" with the help of tritium gas.


Lumen equipped with tritium trachea is in a dark room.

At present, Lumen has received more than $120 thousand support on the public funding platform Kickstarter, and this number is increasing. According to Kickstarter page, the event sponsors will send products to local supporters in February 2016. (translation / China LED net Flora)

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