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Britain's "Ho throw" 20 million pounds to help upgrade LED lighting

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Foreign media reported that according to a plan of the British Department of energy to cut electricity consumption in the UK, British families may pay millions of pounds for free LED lighting at supermarkets and airports.

The energy secretary Ed Davey recently announced the implementation of a 20 million pound ($34 million 200 thousand) taxpayer cash tracking scheme to provide enterprises with energy to upgrade energy efficiency, including the use of LED bulbs instead of traditional lighting, which will be used to transform LED without prepaid funds.

Davey said that companies could compete for funds in reverse auction and get the whole installation work through all or part of the subsidy, which would help to generate cheaper energy bills.

There are about 300 organizations, including hospitals, airports and supermarkets, showing interest in the pilot, according to the DECC.

The purpose of the plan is to reduce the country's electricity demand, ease the risk of blackouts, and avoid the construction of more power plants. If successful, cash will continue to be provided. (translated by /LEDinside Nicole)

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