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Buddha illuminated: LED lighting of new pharmacist temple in Japan

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


The LED lighting system, which can simulate the effect of sunlight, has recently been introduced into the main hall of the new pharmacist temple in Nara. In the past, the Buddha's projection which could not be noticed under the fluorescent lamp was clearly reflected in the front of the tourists under the new lighting system, and the atmosphere inside the hall was more solemn and sacred.

Before introducing LED lighting, the Buddha in the main hall has been illuminated by fluorescent lamps. In addition, there will be strong sunlight in the daytime from the western gate of the visitors and the sun will also be exposed to the strong wind in the evening. The temple Abbot Zhongtian says that the Buddha has been seriously injured all the year round. For this reason, in February, Momoka commissioned the LED lighting system for the design and construction company responsible for performing lighting. Considering that there are worshippers wishing to bring natural sunlight to the Buddha, three lighting points have been set up on the front, back and top of each statue. In order to protect the Buddha from being exposed to wind and sunshine, black curtain was also used to screen the visitors.

The construction was completed at the end of March. Although the overall light of the great hall was darkened, the details and texture of the Buddha were clearly presented to the worshippers in the past. Not only is the Buddha's pharmacist in the temple full of angry eyes and full mouth shapes, but the Twelve Gods clearly see the details of their backs, and the worshipers praise "it's like the glory of the Buddha itself." Momoka said: "because the hall is darkened, there are fewer worshipers in front of the stately Buddha, and the problem of visiting the ceremony has been greatly improved."

The new pharmacist temple, located in Nara, is built by the queen of light in 747 years to rid her husband of illness. As the only remaining monastery in Japan in eighth Century, it enshrined the treasure class relics handed down in the Japanese Nara era. It is also the largest and oldest statue of the twelve Buddha in Japan. For more LED related information, please pay attention to the official website of China LED or WeChat public account (cnledw2013).