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Can lights also dance? More than 70 thousand LED lights to help.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Yesterday, (23) evening, the second line of bayonet 2 building was particularly eye-catching. Why?

The second line of the mouth in the night is constantly changing colors and patterns.

It turned out that the second floor of bayonet 2 building is installing exterior wall landscape lights. Last night, the outer walls of Building 2, red, yellow, purple, blue and so on, varied in color and with various patterns. On the wall, if there are brilliant fireworks and overflowing, sometimes like blue waves sweeping around, sometimes like gorgeous brocade. The building seems to be dancing in the night.

According to the management team of the engineering team, there are more than 70 thousand LED lights installed on the four walls of Building 2, and the lamp is called pixel lamp.

"At present, the pixel light of Building 2 is in commissioning phase. Next, we will install 140 thousand lights for the 1 building and two buildings, and strive to finish the installation at the end of this month. The commissioning will be completed before April 15th and will be put into operation.

It is reported that after installation, you can debug the background of different styles, patterns, colors, etc., even with text, and then appear on the wall through the pixel lamp.

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