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Change the Audi A8 matrix LED headlamps detail large exposure!

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the Pacific Auto reported that the modified Audi A8 equipped with matrix LED headlamps is no secret, but we are also discussed before the discussion of this headlight, there have been a variety of renderings. Recently, we obtain a set of modified Audi A8 spy from the foreign media, a new matrix LED headlamps above is clearly visible, finally opened its mysterious face. The new car will be unveiled at the September Frankfurt motor show, and in the end of this year, the listing of sales.

Matrix LED headlamps contain far from LED car lamp, lens and reflector together in series, and can automatically adjust the light intensity according to the change of the environment, Audi claimed that this technology will help drive the vehicle to the driver in the light of the changing environment more secure.

Matrix LED headlamps composed of 25 extremely high brightness LED, when the lamp is set to automatic, high beam lights will be activated at 30km/h per hour, in the urban section is the speed of 60km/h activation. Audi also said that the new technology will have a higher efficiency than the competitors, when monitoring the front of a vehicle, matrix LED headlamps will reduce the brightness of the lights to avoid direct oncoming traffic, and all around the front of the vehicle light.

The rear part of the car, the traditional round double tube is integrated into the rear bumper, the tail lamp is said to be able to automatically adjust the brightness of the light according to the environmental needs of the group. But through the two taillights chrome trim and the hidden rear exhaust pipe, always let me unconsciously think of the BMW 7 series.

Mercedes Benz S class has been listed abroad, the excellent design makes Audi A8 gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory at this level, the competitiveness will greatly reduce, but it seems that this change, Audi A8 is also well prepared. Which is the king of the luxury market? Let's wait and see.