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Chengdu, a sudden burst of lighting plant three storey plant was burned

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


On the morning of December 28, 2014, Chengdu Changqing North Road, the city of a long boutique lamps suddenly caught fire.

9 in the morning, reporters rushed to the Chengdu Dahua lamps factory Changqing Road, here has been cordoned off, fire has been extinguished, the three storey lamp factory was burned to a frame, goods have been burned and piled up in the shop door, the scene is still braving the billowing smoke, can smell a pungent smell taste, a lot of the crowd gathered around.

Hu told reporters around a business, when he came to work at 8 in the morning, they saw the fire, when the fire is very large, because the warehouse is piled cartons of flammable materials. The entire city lights at 8 in the morning to open the power of the total gate, at night, at the gate of 7, the fire of the Dahua lamps factory opened shortly after the opening of this morning.

At that time, because of the fire, his shop and the fire is not far away from the store, so Mr. Hu was also scared. If the fire spread to his shop, the loss is immeasurable, just stacked goods worth about 1000000.

Not only Mr. Hu, the adjacent businesses are also quickly move their goods to the outside of the open space. As for the reasons for the store fire, everyone is given their own guess. Mr. Hu said, may be the store itself of the switch is not closed, the load is too large, the line is short circuit caused the fire. Another businessman, Ms. Luo said, there are a lot of wires have not changed for a long time, the power cord are aging, probably because of this caused a fire.

Because the city lighting appliances more, and the cold. People also love to use warm handbags, stove and other heating magic ", the cause of the fire remains to be further investigated. When it comes to fire, businesses have said that this must not be ignored, indeed, after the reporter visited found here almost every store has a portable dry powder extinguisher.

Unable to contact the owner of the store because of the fire, the loss is still further statistics, but fortunately did not hit the neighbors did not cause casualties. Here we also remind the general public, for the aging of the home power line must be replaced in a timely manner, and go out when the power should be shut down, usually should also enhance security awareness, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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