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Chevrolet love Europe "planting" LED light group, us urgent recall

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Chevrolet AVEO (AI Europe), as a global strategic vehicle under general motors, is located in the small car market, and is now being sold in Europe, North America and Asia. Recently, Netcom has learned from the US Road National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) that GM has been recalling some of the old Chevrolet AI Europe in the United States because of the overheating potential of the LED lamp group. According to statistics, 218 thousand cars will be affected.

Chevrolet China said: the domestic sales of Ai Wei for the domestic vehicle components in the light group components are different from foreign models, does not involve the recall.

According to the news released by general motors, the recall in the United States is Chevrolet love Europe, with an annual payment of 2004 to 2008 models. According to statistics, 218 thousand cars will be involved in the recall. The recall plan is expected to start in the near future. General Motors will contact the owners through dealers to carry out free inspection and maintenance.

In the Chinese market, Chevrolet love Europe has long been made domestically, and the last generation of AI European car models, called Chevrolet gallop, has been shut down. Whether there are similar risks to foreign cars in the Chevrolet AI European vehicle sold in China, Netcom learned from the general Chevrolet official in Shanghai: "Ai Europe" sold in the domestic market is all made in China, and the overseas version of the recalled vehicle is different on the lamp group components, so there is no such safety hidden in domestic vehicles. Suffer from.

The reason for the recall of the old Chevrolet love Europe is that there is an overheating hazard in the LED lamp group. NHTSA said: as part of the old part of the euro LED lamp group components failure, or will be placed in the vehicle instrument panel lamp module module long-term accumulation of heat, when the heat rises to a certain temperature, or will cause internal fire and cause a fire.

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