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Chongqing's first pure solar street debut can charge a rainy day

Time:2017-08-07 FONT:bigMinmin


Chongqing morning news, May 1st at 7:30 in the evening, high tech Zone Innovation Avenue, Chongqing's first pure solar street road officially lit. It is reported that this year 37 solar street lights to save electricity and maintenance costs of more than 100 thousand.

Innovation Avenue is not only Chongqing's first pure solar street road, and in the southwest low Rizhao area is the first, at the same time, it is the first maximum power in the southwest of the pure solar street lamp demonstration project. In addition to this road, west gate caiyunhu Wetland Park is the new lamp installed 7 solar garden lights, and put into use. "Brighter than before." Zhang aunt who lives nearby Choi Lake Wetland Park, road for a new street, feeling when walking the line of sight better than before.

Every street lamp solar street lamps are used in LED 140W light source power, and before the lights using a high pressure sodium lamp power 400W, although the power is reduced, but the brightness is increased. 4 solar panels installed on each lamp, no matter cloudy or rainy day, can absorb solar energy for charging. A full power, in the absence of the solar case, can also be continuous lighting for 15 days. These street lights and very intelligent, will automatically switch according to the ambient light changes every day. "It is dark, the lights automatically turn on, at dawn, the lamp automatically shut down." Relevant responsible person said that in the future, solar street is expected to appear in the main city of Chongqing more municipal roads.

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