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Cool! British Airways flight attendants will be replaced by the new uniforms LED main lamp

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the Engadget Chinese network reported that the airline every few years will change a new uniform for employees (especially the flight attendant). Let them with new image of people, but joined the LED lamp as a selling point is the first time to see it. British Airways easyJet in order to celebrate the 20 anniversary of the establishment of the company, decided to air attendants and engineers for its new uniforms with LED lights. In the aspect of the flight attendants, the LED of their collars will show the flight number, destination and other interesting information, and other parts of the LED can be used as an additional lighting in emergency situations.

The engineer's version seems to be a bit more practical, and their coats will have multiple rows of LED lights, easyJet means "in theory" to be able to light in the dark environment and allow them to set aside their hands to do other things, do not have to use lighting tools. Two versions are built-in microphone, so that they can communicate with other flight related personnel. The engineer has built-in lens, do check for the plane when the picture came to see other engineers; and also equipped with air quality measuring instrument and the barometer, in addition to the measurement of their work environment, air quality map can also be made in the different city.

It is reported that they will be the first to wear this uniform in 2016, I do not know whether it will be fully adopted. So beautiful, fashionable and advanced uniforms should design a set of pilots to wear, or very unfair to them!

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