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Detailed explanation of lighting design for st.MOTI western restaurant in Chongqing

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Design Institute: Chongqing man run lighting design Co., Ltd.

Chief designer: Yu Xian Kai

St.MOTI, a fine Western restaurant located on the riverside of Chongqing. The design style of the restaurant industry is mixed with the outdoor idyllic feeling, like the old days of the film, which is quite nostalgic. St.MOTI western restaurant is a work created by space designers and lighting designers. As part of the space design, its control of style and tonality is very natural, and the lighting design part is wonderful.

How to break large space and reorganize and create a space atmosphere is a part of space design. In the st.MOTI western restaurant, lighting designers solved this problem with logical lighting. If the lighting arrangement is properly regulated, space is unavoidable because it is plain and tasteless, and the height of six meters is the challenge for designers to control accurately. It is the first place where lighting design takes the initiative to split the area rather than the physical character file. For lighting bars, stairways, dining tables, aisles and other important parts, lighting designers use different modes of illumination to distinguish them.

The lighting of the bar is arranged in a semi parcel state. The top of the bar is supplemented with a row of headlights. The irregular stone lamps indicate the location of the bar. The lights in the ladder section are most lyrical, illuminating the stairway with foot lights, and creating a sense of outdoor landscape road lighting in scattered and casual ways. The bulb on the top of the head is projected to enlarge and float away, and the crisscross shape is paved with both ends of the staircase.

Each table is equivalent to a small "compartment", which is used to illuminate the lights of the desktop area, plus the function of music, and the sound and light form the grid with the adjacent area. Sitting in the light, ensuring that the meal is private and at the same time draws close emotion. The dining table near the riverbank, considering the external light and ingenious use of "borrowing light", saves lighting and highlights the beauty of the riverside.

Use light in moderation, allowing each light to have its own area and limitation, and the space has also been expanded in the dark. In this way, the space can be reconstructed, and the indoor style of the industrial wind is reasonably integrated with the natural feelings of the wild. In addition to reorganizing the space logically, it is also the wisdom of designers to use other ways to achieve lighting effects.

Besides lighting, candles are also commonly used by lighting designers. As a lighting item in the pre industrial age, the candle flickering light and warm fire create a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. Pop art is hung around the hall, which is the main image that highlights the style of space. Most of the paintings are solid colors, so under the illumination of lighting designers, the reflective light source also becomes effective lighting and constitutes the larger "light source" in the whole space. In addition to the reflection of the paintings, plant reflection and metal reflectors also add interest to space because of their different texture and color. The two row table's long row crystal chandelier, projecting through the glass to the hall, and concentrating with the hall light, has strengthened the main part of the space. The addition of projection is a source of light that is always changing in space. It is more interesting and dynamic compared with other lights.

The store lighting is the concentrated display of every element of the indoor lighting. It is like the cover of the magazine, which tells the contents of the restaurant. The red St.moti name is the only red color in the entire space lighting. It reminds people of the neon market in Hongkong and the night restaurants in Europe and America. Although it is only a tiny red dot, it has grasped people's attention forcefully.

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