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Do not bother to catch up with the old Lai LED screen to help collect debts.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the Chongqing business daily, yesterday, the reporter learned from the Hechuan district court, the hospital in the region's 64 LED screen scrolling the old Lai information, mobilize everyone to find clues to Lao Lai property. It is reported that the rolling show has been fulfilled for 5 months in a month, with the target amount of 117 thousand yuan.

"We'll pay the money right now. Don't bother to broadcast it on the LED screen." Recently, a person in charge of a construction company in Hechuan saw that he had not fulfilled his money because he was not paying the money. He was exposed on the LED screen of the city pedestrian street, and then he found the executive judge of Hechuan district court. He said he would pay back the money immediately. He only hoped to quickly delete his related information from the LED screen.

Originally, the company and a woman had a compensation lawsuit, the company was defeated, the woman was awarded a disability allowance and an economic compensation of 25 thousand yuan. After the decision came into effect, the company failed to materialize, and the executive judge looked for it many times, and the company did not perform it. Later, the court exposed the information of the company to the pedestrian street, and was found by the responsible person of the company.

Hechuan District Court introduced that in order to solve the difficulty of implementation, the hospital used 64 LED security screens built on the streets of various towns in Hechuan to expose the information of dishonest personnel. The first batch of 150 people was exposed in February and 59 people were exposed in March. Among them, the urban display screens are broadcast all day; the screens in the town are mainly played in the daytime, and the residents are on the go all day. According to the progress of the case, the exposure information will be updated in time. If the parties have performed, the information will be removed in a timely manner.

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