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Do you know where the "robot toilet" advanced with LED lights is?

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Nikkei technology news online, at "Japan's forty-second International Welfare Machinery Exhibition H.C.R.2015", Japan Assist, which is engaged in commercial facilities operation, displays a robot toilet equipped with automatic wiper. The company intends to launch this product for home care before summer 2016.

The toilet can be installed in the usual bathroom by adopting the integrated structure with handrails. After the user goes to the toilet, wash with Wei Li Li, then press the button on the handrail, and the wiping arm with toilet paper will appear between the toilet and the seat ring. The wiping arm will wipe the user's buttocks through movement. The wiping arm is equipped with tissue paper feeding mechanism.

The toilet is supposed to be used by the caregivers, such as hands and legs, who are inconvenient to move and are unable to finish cleaning themselves. Because the scope of application includes users who are unconscious in the lower part of the body, the toilet will visually notify the user that "now is wiping" through the LED lamp on the handrail. According to the introduction, developers have made a lot of efforts to reduce the size to the extent that they can be installed into the ordinary toilets.

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