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Double eleven and chopping hands? These wastes can make beautiful lamps and lanterns.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Universal industrial design small station news, these beautiful lamps and lanterns are made of waste.

Changing clothes hangers to cool chandeliers

To make chandeliers with recycled beverage cartons

Cupcake cup change lamp

Rubber Bear Pendant lamp

A forest chandelier made of cardboard or wood.

To make lampshade with African gourd.

A lamp made of waste paper.

The globe is turned into a lamp shade.

Are bicycles scrapped? Remove parts to make chandeliers.

Design chandelier made of jam jar

Use chandeliers to make chandeliers.

The use of hangers, Cupcake paper cups, wine bottles, beverage packaging boxes and other old products made of lamps and lanterns, although not necessarily cheaper than the lamps sold on the market, also need to pour a lot of thoughts and time, but the satisfaction of the finished production is definitely not spent on the outside to buy the finished products can be compared to the intended. Unique and environmentally-friendly, sincerely suggest that you try, after all, this lamp will never be too much, or create a good weapon in the home atmosphere.

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