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Drink the LED glass that automatically calls the car and watches the ball automatically.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Curiosity seems to appear that some technology manufacturers have buckled a heavy hat on an intelligent water cup, allowing them to record drinking water and distinguish what drinks they drink. Most of them did not do well.

The idea of this ePint cup is rather interesting. It's not very great, but it's quite practical: it helps you get away from the liquor Bureau.


EPint intelligent water cup ePint intelligent water cup

When it records and finds that you have drunk too much alcohol, the corresponding mobile phone application will probably directly call a taxi for you and pick you up before you fall down completely. You can save another reason to escape.

At present, the price raised by ePint on Kickstarter is $30 (about 190 yuan), and will be shipped in April next year.

In addition, ePint has a very nice function. Its cup color can be changed according to what you are experiencing. For example, when you and your friends are watching the ball at home and drinking beer, the ePint's built-in LED lights will immediately appear blue when your team scores goals. It seems that it is also coming with you. This is because the news of the goal is transmitted to the ePint mobile application (supporting iPhone and Android), and the color of the ePint cup can be adjusted accordingly through Bluetooth.

At least, this is much more practical than just recording the number of cups you drank and how much water you dropped.

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