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EMC touted Hubei tunnel lighting energy-saving transformation opportunities

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


According to statistics, as of the end of 2014, the total length of highway tunnel in Hubei has exceeded 630 km, the tunnel lighting is mostly high-pressure sodium lamp lighting, energy consumption. In view of this situation, in recent years, the Hubei expressway system began to start the tunnel LED reconstruction work, energy saving effect is very obvious. Among them, Hubei high-speed nuniangshan tunnel, biandanya tunnel LED lamp replacement high-pressure sodium lamp, energy saving rate of 60%; Ma Wu day Jingshan Hill tunnel high speed high pressure sodium lamp replacement for LED energy-saving lamp, left and right tunnel hole 3 months of energy consumption compared to the single hole monthly consumption fell 56.2%. At the same time, the tunnel illumination brightness is increased significantly, which greatly improves the safe operation environment of tunnel.

In order to further reduce energy consumption, accelerate the development of green traffic, the day before, Hubei Provincial Department of transportation and the development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance after full consultation, decided to support and encourage the introduction of contract energy management, and vigorously promote the highway tunnel lighting energy-saving LED.

First, it is clear that the tunnel LED energy conservation contract energy management project funded by the construction of energy-saving service companies, and according to the principle of territorial management filing management.

Two is required to undertake the tunnel lighting energy conservation contract energy management project energy conservation service company should be from the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance for the record of energy saving service companies in the open tender selection. According to the scale of the project, accounting standards should be accounted for.

Three is the recommended "energy costs hosted" energy saving service, the highway management department in accordance with the relevant provisions of the centralized treasury payment system will be related to the fee paid to the energy service company to undertake energy-saving renovation project.

The four is a clear tunnel lighting energy-saving energy management contract project is paid to energy service companies by the cost of highway management in the annual budget of the project expenditure - maintenance expenditures - production of electricity in the row, and the provincial finance department procurement department for the record.

The five is in view of energy-saving tunnel LED has been listed the important work of creating a green traffic province of Hubei Province, the Provincial Department of transportation requirements of the Provincial Executive Council to formulate the "plan" and the annual implementation plan implementation of Expressway in Hubei province LED theme lighting energy-saving technology projects, and select the part of the project pilot project to success demonstration, gradually extended in the province, actively promote the orderly, to become the Hubei province and the national transportation industry using contract energy management to carry out the work of energy-saving emission reduction benchmark.

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