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Government zero investment, enjoy the transformation of LED street lamps big return"

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


In response to the call of the national energy saving, Jiangmen Municipal Urban Management Bureau in the energy management contract through public bidding, in January 2013 by the enterprise investment in urban district in Pengjiang, Jianghai street LED street lamp replacement transformation, use of LED lamp with high efficiency and energy saving, in order to save the government after the transformation of the electricity, stage return to the enterprise, to pay the cost and profit of street reconstruction. The current renovation project completed and passed the verification, is expected to transform the annual electricity savings of 6 million 664 thousand and 800 yuan, the annual saving rate will reach 72.28%. The government money, social energy, corporate profits "win win win".

Jiangmen City, Pengjiang Jianghai district two primary and secondary roads in the original street are mostly traditional high pressure sodium lamp, the lamp life is short, life is about 1-2 years, high energy consumption, the average annual consumption of up to 10 million 90 thousand and 650 kwh, the annual carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to 9306.6 tons, causing a certain degree of pollution to the environment. Municipal Urban Management Bureau Party committee through innovative ideas to promote reform, starting from the reduced financial pressure of the government, by the government's "zero investment" and "zero risk" by the investors to invest and undertake technical risk and economic risk, by saving electricity return contract energy management mode, the transformation of the original street.

Municipal Urban Management Bureau relevant responsible person said that the model has the following characteristics: one is the government funds not updated urban street lighting equipment, to complete the task of LED street reconstruction green city in Guangdong Province, the so-called "zero investment"; two is the EMC enterprise to undertake technical risk and economic risk, the government paid all money EMC from the energy (electricity) by saving the project benefit, users of "zero risk"; the three is after the end of the contract, energy-saving equipment and energy-saving benefit of all subsequent to the government. This model is particularly applicable to departments that do not have a budget or lack of adequate funding.

At present, Pengjiang City Jianghai, the original 12000 high-pressure sodium lamp has been replaced with LED energy saving lamp has the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, high luminous efficiency, long service life, greatly enhance the quality of urban road lighting, lighting effect has been significantly improved, and achieved good economic benefit and social effect.

Street reconstruction area after two, will reduce annual consumption of 7 million 293 thousand and 500 kwh, which is meant to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 6726.8 tons a year, effectively improve the environmental pollution areas, to promote and promote energy-saving work in our city, to achieve the goal of energy saving and emission reduction tasks, played a good role model.

Implementation model: contract energy management model (EMC model)

Construction location: Pengjiang District, Jianghai district (Jiangmen)

Scale: about 12 thousand street lamps in the main city

Project benefit sharing period: 6 years (72 months)

The average annual electricity consumption of the street lamps before the renovation was 10 million 90 thousand and 500 kWh

After the transformation, the average annual power consumption is 2 million 797 thousand kWh

Save the electricity for 6 million 664 thousand and 800 yuan

The annual saving rate of 72.28%

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