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Greet non oil season LED digital signs stationed at gas stations

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to Zhongguancun online report, the LED display can be easily seen in all the streets and lanes nowadays. It has been used for various occasions and has become a popular media for disseminating information and advertising. As a new type of high-tech product, it has unique advantages, the appearance of high-end atmosphere, and the smooth display of pictures, playing an important role in many occasions.

In order to enhance the sales of convenience stores and greet the arrival of the non oil sales season, Wenzhou petroleum retail at the convenience store image is slightly transformed and micro maintained, and a square LED advertising machine is installed at several stations such as Shui Xin, Shi Li Ting, Wuqiao and the first few stations to attract customers into the shop.

The LED advertising machine has provided many convenience for the driver's customers. The LED display is used to broadcast dynamic advertisements directly, instead of the convenience store posters in the past, to stimulate consumption with the theme of "daily promotion". After a series of animation effects, it shows the latest promotions to the vast customers. Saving the production of paper posters, playing the role of environmental protection, solving the current shortage of poster shelves at petrol stations, and more importantly, the use of LED light boxes, gathering effective sight of customers, greatly improving the customer entry rate and the conversion rate of commodities, helping the sales of non oil products in convenience stores, and worthy of being promoted at the same time. Bold innovation.

It is reported that the next step will be to promote the use of Wenzhou's oil in the region, expand the publicity of easyway convenience stores, and create a strong sales atmosphere.

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