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Hainan to eliminate incandescent lamp in the next 5 years

Time:2017-05-23 FONT:bigMinmin


From the Hainan provincial government issued on the implementation of "energy saving and emission reduction in Hainan Province comprehensive demonstration pilot scheme" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") learned that the next 5 years, Hainan province will be in the range of phasing out the incandescent lamp, a national green lighting demonstration province.

The proposed scheme, the time within the next 5 years, through energy-saving emission reduction comprehensive demonstration pilot project progress, to achieve the province's energy-saving emission reduction, strengthen the ability of sustainable development, continue to maintain the national first-class quality of the ecological environment, and strive to become the national energy conservation and construction of ecological civilization demonstration province.

It is understood that the "12th Five-Year" period, the Hainan provincial government will increase financial support for the implementation of the contract energy management and construction of green lighting demonstration Province, promote the 13 million 510 thousand financial subsidies for energy-saving lamps, priority support each responsibility unit implementation plan of energy-saving lighting.

The implementation of green lighting renovation to contract energy management and utilization of surplus electricity self transformation is the main way to comprehensive benefits such as the highest principle, market-oriented operation is the main means to form a smooth maximum amount of energy economy is feasible and management as the goal, to handle the energy management contract or the use of surplus electricity independent transformation mode the problem of green lighting in the transformation, complete the task of transformation.

Hainan provincial finance department in conjunction with the Department of industry and information technology to implement the construction of green lighting demonstration province fiscal incentive funds, with the Provincial Department of industry and information technology review of lighting energy-saving projects, financial incentives for financial support, to participate in the inspection of energy saving, use of supervision and inspection of the contract energy management financial incentives fund.