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Horror! Lamp city basement explosion "culprit"

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to Yanzhao Metropolis Daily, 29 days, 0 o'clock, Gaobeidian city shijiayuan District 8 building, a unit of basement explosion occurred many cars suffered varying degrees of damage. In April 1st, the reporter learned that the injured old lady was hospitalized in a local hospital. According to preliminary analysis of the police, the explosion of the explosive system was caused by the volatilization of the thinner, and for the cause of deflagration, the local fire department explained the possibility of the existence of a basement lighting fixture.

In April 1st, reporters once again came to Baoding Gaobeidian century Jiayuan residential area. Reporters entered the unit 8 building, a unit of the building can see the obvious signs of fire, the walls were smoked black. After entering the unit, it can smell a pungent smell similar to the burning of rubber. The reporter noticed that all the windows in the corridor were damaged and the glass had been blown up. In the apartment building, a notice of temporary prohibition was posted. Residents nearby told reporters that more than ten households had been moved away from the building on the evening of the deflagration.

On April 1st at 15 o'clock, the reporter saw the old lady injured in the deflagration accident in the Gaobeidian hospital inpatient department. She told reporters that after that, a young man would recite himself.

Gaobeidian fire brigade responsible person told reporters that the deflagration by the fire department and the Public Security Bureau jointly conduct an investigation.

According to preliminary analysis of the police, the deflagration system was stored in the basement for decoration and volatilization caused by thinner. Since it is thinner and evaporated into the air, deflagration eventually occurs, and the source of fire becomes the key to deflagration. According to the local fire department, it is possible for the lighting to ignite as far as the investigation is concerned.

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