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How do you know about Twitter users' emotions? This LED lamp tells you

Time:2017-05-23 FONT:bigMinmin


Lei Feng network news, Twitter has 300 million users in the world, the average global users 1 minutes will issue 1379 Twitter, or Tucao, or happy, or sad...... Their emotions, we can "see"? Certainly. The Twitter emotional light is the Connor project on the Kickstarter. He browsed millions of Twitter and summed up hundreds of idioms that express different emotions. This algorithm connects a sensor and connects multiple color LED lights.

That is to say, the user in any corner of the world just sends out a Twitter, and the machine can appear in different colors as long as it is filtered and identified by keyword.

For the moment, you can get a component with ATMega328 chips as long as you sponsor Connor $30, and then users can assemble their own Twitter emotional lights. After assembling, you just have to connect to the Internet and you'll be able to see "little emotion" in every corner of the world.

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