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Huaibei City, 167 pieces of illegal flashing LED billboards removed

Time:2017-08-07 FONT:bigMinmin


"From the beginning of August, city inspectors detachment remediation activities for LED billboard, the inconvenience to the public life of the" wave type "flashing LED billboard is cleaned, up to now, a total of 167 pieces of clear this billboard." The morning of August 15th, Huaibei city inspectors detachment responsible person told reporters.

It is understood that the flashing LED billboard, the rise in Huaibei city in recent years, but also to attract the public attention of the advertising business. "It is not approved for this type of advertisement appearance approval department. Because of this kind of advertisement setting and vertical, known to "wave type" billboard. Is the main object of this cleanup activities." The examination and approval department responsible Zhao Guang told reporters, "this campaign is mainly due to the complaints."

Originally, the public LED billboard complaints are mainly concentrated in the influence of the rest of the night. Secondly, there are some public complaints, the driver driving sight advertising light at night, threat to traffic safety.

Detachment after early diagnostic investigation found that the billboards in the city, Changshan road and set the majority, the majority concentrated in some restaurants, a hardware store, lottery room and a cigarette and liquor vendor. Some of the streets along the street is a commercial network, while the two floor above the floor and belong to the house. Light at night LED billboards and flashing lights caused, to two floors and two floors above the rest of the night people caused great distress.

LED advertising lamp box near the discharge, the night don't worry affected." In the long road near two Yuan Li Cao told reporters, there are several hardware stores Business Hours long evening to various LED billboards each other, various color light through a window, let the habit of going to bed early and Mr. Cao is really unbearable. "Through the centralized rectification inspectors, the effect is very obvious, and finally can sleep!"

Three brigade enforcement officers told reporters, in the clean-up activities, businesses have more support. In the renovation process, found that some shops can not be removed without tools, in their case, the inspectors will assist businesses removed.

City Management detachment responsible person told the reporter, according to the provisions of the "Anhui Province, city appearance and environmental sanitation management regulations" and other laws and regulations, should store signs of a shop a card, in addition to outside the shop door, shall not set up other billboards, and set the sign should be to the City Council approval department for the application, and then set, without approval shall not be set up. The door store content should be healthy, civilized language norms, clean and aesthetic appearance, set moderately, and coordinated with the surrounding environment. Where the old color is damaged, erosion, affect the appearance of the city or endanger the safety of others or the public safety, their owners or managers shall promptly repair, reinforcement or demolition. In violation of the provisions set without LED billboard, ordered to dismantle overdue self demolition, forced to dismantle the law, and every 100 yuan to 500 yuan fine.

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