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Implementation of energy saving in county wide public lighting in Dongshan, Fujian

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Fujian daily news June 24th, the author came to Zhangzhou, Dongshan County, Fujian Dongguan two road, saw the technical personnel in the section of energy-efficient street lighting transformation. At present, Dongshan County has completed the transformation of the first four roads and 462 pole street lamps, the energy saving rate has reached 67%, and the average illumination has increased by nearly three times. It is understood that this is the first county wide public lighting energy-saving renovation project in Fujian province.

In recent years, Dongshan County has paid attention to urban and rural infrastructure construction, especially urban and rural public lighting. According to statistics, at present, there are more than 8300 street lamps in the main roads of Dongshan County, which greatly facilitate the production and life of the masses, and also promote traffic safety and public order stability. However, the street lamps in Dongshan County used to be built by many departments. There are many problems such as long management, disconnection of construction and management, various kinds, different life span, uneven lighting and high power consumption.

In order to promote the integration of urban and rural areas and enable the masses to share the fruits of social development, in March this year, Dongshan County signed an energy management mode with the public contract of lighting technology group (Xiamen) Limited, which is a public lighting contract energy management mode, that is, under the supervision of the government, the transformation of street lamps by the energy-saving service enterprises; and the guarantee of urban and rural public. On the basis of lighting, we save money, reduce costs, save energy and reduce consumption. The government pays the investment return on the basis of energy saving benefits, so that the "last mile" of the island is bright with both urban and rural areas.

It is reported that the project will invest 70 million 30 thousand yuan to carry out energy saving reconstruction for the main roads in the county, two main roads and tributary roads in the urban areas, and rural nightscape projects in the main roads of the county, and the energy saving lamp source installation for the 32 villages main roads that have not yet been equipped with streetlights. The 22 main trunk roads of the county are newly built and planned to be followed up for installation and energy conservation. The lamp source realizes unified intelligent control of public lighting in the county. After preliminary calculation, after the smooth implementation of the project, Dongshan County's public lighting can save electricity and maintenance costs by about 8 million 700 thousand yuan per year. The public lighting has been built to save electricity by 7 million 260 thousand kwh per year, that is, to save 2434 tons of standard coal and reduce emissions of carbon dioxide by 5705 tons.

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