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In 2015, the LED lighting market accounted for over 20% of output value of 45 billion.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


The six departments of the Jiangsu Provincial Commission for letters and development and Reform Commission recently issued the "opinions on accelerating the development of semiconductor lighting industry". The development goal of the next step is clearly identified: in 2015, the market share of LED functional lighting products was more than 20%, the output value of the LED lighting industry reached 45 billion yuan, the luminous efficiency of the industrial white LED device reached the international advanced standard of 150-200 lm/W, the LED light source / luminaire luminous efficiency reached 130 lm/W; in 2020, the province's LED lighting products The market share has been further improved, the output value of LED lighting industry has reached 112 billion yuan, and the luminous efficiency of core devices and the quality of application products have been maintained at the international advanced level.

The requirement is that the LED lighting, which is the first place in the public places to invest in the public places invested by public institutions, financial or state-owned capital, should be popularized and popularized. The LED lighting products will be adopted in the new lighting projects. The original non LED lighting products should be completed in stages and batches by the end of 2016. While implementing the central financial support policy, the energy conservation departments at all levels choose to support a batch of LED lighting application demonstration projects every year, and promote the promotion and application of LED key enterprises. To implement the government procurement policy for energy saving products, government agencies and public institutions take the lead in adopting LED lighting products. In the fixed assets investment projects invested by finance or state-owned capital, LED lighting is the important content of energy conservation evaluation and examination.

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