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Intelligent frequency conversion control "midnight lamp", energy saving and environmental protection

Time:2017-05-23 FONT:bigMinmin


Eliminate intelligent frequency conversion control of low efficiency lighting products

City street lights open "midnight light" mode, energy-saving effect is good

Suining evening news, in the implementation of energy-saving emission reduction tasks, green lighting is one of the important. Yesterday (13) days, the reporter learned from the Municipal Housing Authority urban lighting management office, the city "midnight lights" has been running. Reporters learned that, at present, the city street lighting is mainly divided into night lights and the middle of the night lights, the lights at midnight is based on pedestrians to reduce the period of time, to close part of the street lighting. Not only the city main road implementation midnight lamp, the city beautiful project also in "midnight lamp" movement scope. Between opening and closing, not only saves energy, achieves the effect of environmental protection, but also improves the level of intelligent control of road lighting.

Turn on the "midnight light" mode

The effect of one open joint is obvious

"Now the main urban road is very wide, many road lighting adopts dual light sources and multi light sources, while the vehicles in the middle of the night are scarce, and the requirements for lighting quality can be reduced appropriately." City Housing Administration Bureau of urban lighting management department told reporters that the city has been carried out on the main road lights all night lights and midnight lights, hours of energy-saving control. That is, at 10:30 in the evening, directional control of the road lights, closing some of the lights. At present, the State Road, Binjiang Road, opened a good road and other sections of the implementation of the "midnight lights" operation.

Midnight lamp energy-saving effect in the end? The person responsible for the reporter simple calculation, 250 Watt night lights from 10:30 p.m. to close, which means you can save 8 hours of electricity, and then the State Road there are hundreds of lanterns, extended to other major roads and beautiful city project, only with the help of this management mode, the energy saving effect it is very obvious.

Eliminate inefficient lighting products

Actively pilot new light sources

Interview, the reporter was informed that the choice of new efficient light source can produce a good energy-saving effect. At present, in the new and rebuilt roads, such as: Mingxia Road, Golden Coast, Kay Road, Baoshan Street, market street, small West Street are installed to reduce LED lamp power. And the city road lighting requirements of high road, promote the use of high pressure sodium lamp through the capacitance compensation method, the electricity saving more than half.

At the same time, to strengthen the supervision of the new landscape lighting, landscape lighting lighting according to the strict implementation of city planning, control scope and scale, strengthen the design of the demonstration and review, and meet "the criterion of city landscape lighting design standards" and other relevant standards. Careful review of the landscape lighting program for new flats, 80% of the existing night lighting facilities are LED light source lamps. And request the new approval of the building landscape lighting are required to use LED and other green energy-saving light source.

Pilot street lamp frequency conversion control

Intelligent upgrade "remote control" management

Careful people will find that, in the Jiahe bridge to bridge road lies on both sides of the street and other places is not the same. "Here is not the same, that is, through the frequency converter debugging, at a fixed time will be 400 watts of street light adjusted to 250 watts."." City Housing Administration Bureau of urban lighting management explained that at present only in this section of the pilot, if the pilot effect is good, will be gradually promoted in the city.

In an interview with reporters learned that in order to improve the scientific management of city lighting system, the city Housing Authority City Lighting Management Office will further upgrade the computer remote control center to realize remote lighting management, gradually realize the intelligent control of road lighting.

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