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Interchange of 1550 LED lanterns to create different landscapes.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Public network news, recently, Pingyuan County Pingan Street overpass saw that several street lamp staff were removing all the old T4 lights on the overpass and replaced them as LED lanterns, creating a different overpass landscape.

According to Qi Dianli, deputy director of the urban management and Law Enforcement Bureau of Pingyuan County, there are many aging and dilapidated lights on the overpass, and the T4 lamp has been shut down. In order to make the night overpass become more beautiful and colorful, and create beautiful scenic spots in the plain, from April 20th onwards, the staff of our bureau began replacing all the T4 lights of the overpass into LED lanterns. Every work in the demolition, wiring, drilling and installation were carefully and carefully ensured to ensure the quality of the work.

Up to now, more than 800 have been replaced, and the replacement of all 1550 LED lights has been completed in mid 5.

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