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LED bulb, no power cord, magnetic field can be converted into electrical energy.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Without the power cord, the LED bulb will shine brightly. Yesterday (13), in the Innovation Laboratory of Cheng Xian College of Southeast University, Ni Linyi, a senior student of Electronic Science and technology major of Electronic Engineering Department, demonstrated the magic function of a set of power wireless transmission. In the recently concluded 2014 Jiangsu undergraduate electronic design competition, this set of convenient and efficient equipment won the first prize. The prize winner is also a famous inventor. He won four patents during the University.

The principle of electric energy wireless transmission is very simple, that is electromagnetic conversion. Ni Linyi introduced that the transmitting coil converts the direct current into a magnetic field and emits it, while the receiving coil which is half a meter away will capture the magnetic field and convert it into electric energy and transmit it to the LED bulb, and the bulb will naturally shine. Of course, in the process of conversion and transmission, there will inevitably be some loss of electrical energy. How to minimize losses and increase the conversion rate of electrical energy has become the key point of design. "Because of the accurate analysis of the circuit design, the energy conversion rate of the device is as high as 67%." Under the careful guidance of the teachers of Zhang Zhipeng and Cao Chengwei, three students from Ni Linyi, Sha Yangyang and Li Youjian won the first prize of the electronic design competition of Jiangsu university students in 2014.

"Modern electrical equipment brings great convenience to life, but spiders like wires are also a headache." Ni Linyi said that the wireless transmission of electric energy can solve this problem. Household appliances can get rid of "small tail", and children's electric toys do not need to change batteries at any time. People can also rest assured that the power wireless transmission is based on the principle of electromagnetic conversion, and the human body has little reaction to the magnetic field, so the system will not affect human health.

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