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LED crossover is genetically determined, do not believe what he has done!

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Lumenus intelligent riding jacket: equipped with front and rear LED lights can be used as steering lights.

For those who like riding at night, lighting is a good guarantee for safety. But in addition to the traditional headlights and taillights, there are other slightly different options on the market, such as helmets and jackets. This article will introduce a smart riding jacket introduced by Losangeles Lumenus company. Its peculiarity is that it is equipped with front and rear LED lights, and you can use them as turning signals.

Compared with other similar products, this intelligent riding jacket can also be paired with smart phones (pre installed navigation applications), and then automatically trigger the steering lights according to GPS data.

Lumenus will go public through the way of Kickstarter chips, with some other smart clothing products coming from it, ranging from $100 to $499 dollars.

Mai Kai released Seed intelligent accompanying Cup: bring its own LED screen.

Recently, the domestic intelligent water cup entrepreneur on behalf of Mai Kai team launched a new brand product - Seed intelligent entourage cup.

On the positive side, the Seed intelligent follow up cup is not much different from the general thermos cup. You will not associate Seed with the concept of intelligent water cup. In the author's impression, the cup of intelligent water cup should have a LED breathing lamp and a deliberately eye-catching styling design, which is not reflected in the Seed cup body.

What does Mai Kai understand about "good cups" without attracting users through design? Li Xiaoliang said, "a good cup must be diverse in terms of material, shape, capacity, appearance, technology and function, so that users will feel good and feel good!" Based on this standard, Mai Kai team began to work hard on the material, appearance and function of Seed intelligent cup.

In terms of cup material, Seed chose the imported 304 stainless steel from Nippon Steel. In terms of thermal insulation, Seed chose the "sandwich copper plating and nitrogen welding process", which can ensure that the heat conduction of the material itself is eliminated and the heat preservation performance of the cup body is improved.

But in the end, Seed is still an intelligent water cup. With the "intelligent" gene, how can Mai Kai get rid of the concept of "pseudo intelligence" that exists in the intelligent water cup for a long time, and restore the true intelligence function to the users? The solution of Mai Kai team is to design all the intelligent functions on the "cup lid". The functions include water volume monitoring, drinking water reminders, water temperature monitoring, high temperature warning, expired water reminders, etc. users can check the water temperature in the cup by touching the lid of the cup. All the information interaction is achieved by the LED dot matrix screen on the cup lid, and it is free from the past operation of App to view information.

"Bright" KingMax smart touch LED portable lights

LED small lights believe that everyone is not strange, because now the market has already flooded. I accidentally discovered a novelty LED small lamp, which is recently launched by the KingMax intelligent touch small lamp.

The first contact with a small lamp does not cause much impact on the visual side. It seems that the appearance and the other small lights on the market do not seem to be very different, but in the next process of using it, it really lets itself shine.

When it was put on the top of the mobile power, it was not bright at the beginning. Only when it touched lightly, it came to light. When it touched lightly, it went out, so intelligent and convenient. People can put it on the head of the bed, use it as a small lamp, plug it on the mobile power supply, and when it is not used, it will go out if you touch it lightly. Besides, some office workers are busy at work, and at night, when they are busy at work, this small lamp can play its special role. The light emitted by it can not only satisfy the brightness required by work, but also disturb the rest of family members and colleagues.

In life, there may be occasional interruption of electricity, so this time, KingMax intelligent touch LED portable lights will act as a "little life assistant" role. Usually it has been inserted on the top of the mobile power supply. When it touches lightly, it will light up, without fear of sudden power failure and panic. For student party and outdoor personnel, KingMax intelligent touch LED portable lamp is also essential.

This little lamp has many unique features. We all know that LED lights will be hot when they are used, and they will be hot if they are used for a long time. In response to this problem, a small lamp was also tested. It was found that after a period of time, there was no hot spot. After a careful look, it was discovered that the original side of the lamp made 2 cooling holes specially, so that the temperature of the lamp head dropped significantly.

After testing, it is found that the power consumption of this small lamp is only about 0.7W, and the power consumption of LED lamps on the market is mostly about 1.2W. In this case, the power consumption of this small lamp is 40% higher than that of the common Lantern Festival. At present, the market price of this intelligent touch light is 19.9 yuan.

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