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LED lamp purchase, ask after sale service is very important.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


In June 10th, 14 municipal departments of the provincial capital launched the energy saving initiative of "saving energy and low carbon and building blue sky and blue sky", which aroused strong social repercussions. Many people expressed concern about identifying LED lights. Yesterday, reporters visited a number of Lighting City found that many brands of LED lights on the market, but there is no uniform quality standards. Industry experts teach the public about choosing LED lamps and lanterns.

A number of media outlets in the provincial capital have advocated the use of energy-saving products. The 60 year old Miss Han also changed the idea of replacing lamps at home. "The incandescent lamp used is not good enough to buy. Listen to people around you who say LED lights are energy saving and electricity saving. I also want to try." But after visiting the capital city, a lot of Lighting City, the LED lamps and lanterns made Mrs. Han a little Meng: "the price is uneven, a dealer says, it is very difficult to choose." Ms. Han said that the LED lamp with low price is more workmanship, more expensive and less expensive.

Yesterday, the reporter visited the Huaxia Lighting City, Pingan Lighting City and some other lamps and lanterns market. Most of the stalls are distributing LED lights, but as Ms Han said, the brands of these lamps are different and the exterior structure is different.

In a lighting shop in Pingan street, there are many kinds of brand LED lamps on display shelves, including lamps and light sources, and lamp holders and light sources. Dealers in this store say that after eleven this year, the general incandescent lamps will be banned for more than 60 watts. At present, few customers buy incandescent lamps. "LED light sources and lamps and lanterns become the highlight of the market."

The dealer said that at present, customers purchase relatively few integrated lamps and lanterns. Most of the citizens choose combination lamps and lanterns. "Because light sources can be replaced according to needs, convenient maintenance and low cost."

"Because the LED market started late, many production enterprises are smaller and the quality of products is uneven." The dealer said that at present, there is no uniform standard in the domestic LED lighting industry, and the production enterprises set up different quality standards according to their own conditions.

It is understood that the advantages and disadvantages of LED lamps mainly depend on the quality of materials. The high quality lamp beads are high in price, and the power is enough. The power of many poor lamps can not reach the standard. "The price of each lamp is different from 5 cents to 5 cents, and the price can be ten times worse."

Wu Lianfang, chief technology officer of Hebei Longquan electrical appliance Limited by Share Ltd, said that the selection of LED lamps and lanterns is the first choice of regular manufacturer's products with product instructions and quality assurance certificates. Secondly, according to the different rooms, warm colors or cool colors are chosen. In addition, we must observe the color rendering index and luminance. In contrast to the two cases of LED lights on and off, we can see whether the color of the object is distorted or not, and judge whether the LED lamp is good or not.

In addition to product technology, we should also pay attention to the after-sale service system of such products. "Many LED lamps and lanterns manufacturers fail to merge, making their after-sales service faults, often LED lights broken, nowhere to repair." Wu Lianfang said that LED lamps and conventional lamps are different, so they can be maintained. Therefore, it is very important to ask the after-sale service procedure when choosing. "Take the dragon power series LED lamp as an example, customers can enjoy 1 years' replacement and 3 year warranty after-sales service."

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