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LED lamps will be used in Shaanxi expressway.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


In the western part of Shaanxi, for the first time, the province promoted the low carbon and environmental protection lighting technology on the highway for the first time. Recently, the construction workers of the Hanzhoung to Shaanxi Sichuan section of Bao Han expressway are installing lights for the tunnel. The "Hanchuan project" did not use the high-pressure sodium lamp used in the past, but chose the new LED lamp with energy saving and environmental protection.

Liu Yajun, deputy director of Hanzhoung Construction Management Office of Bao Han company of Shaanxi high speed group, said that we also introduced tunnel lighting intelligent control system to automatically adjust the switch of tunnel lamps and lanterns according to tunnel light difference, so as to reduce the "black hole effect" and ensure driving comfort. After calculation, using the technology of LED light source, the operating cost of energy saving will be above 50%.