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LED outdoor advertising and who has? Remove 9654 pieces a year

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


For XX card, you can enjoy the discount shopping malls xx...... In the first half of this year, walking in the streets of Chengdu, many businesses are also placed in front of such a LED advertising screen. But recently, many people have found that banks, street shops in front of the LED advertising screen are gone, the streets become fresh. Yesterday (17 days), the reporter learned from Chengdu Urban Management Bureau, the central city of Chengdu without the approval of the 9654 LED billboards have been removed or a hard cover, the next step will be to consolidate the Municipal Urban Management Bureau Inspection, if found illegal LED billboards, you can call to report it to the City 12319 Urban Management Bureau report.

One year management results

"Electronic banking customers can participate...... Now, this rolling advertising LED screen in the city center and the two or three spheres have disappeared without a trace. Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Landscape Lighting Department official said that from December last year, the city has carried out the illegal LED screen renovation work, through a year of renovation of the current Chengdu city has the central city and the other fourteen district (city) County demolition of illegal LED advertising screen. According to the Chengdu city outdoor advertising and signs setting management regulations, the shop outside the LED screen is illegal advertising, must be removed. "The responsible person told reporters that the demolition of two ways to can be directly removed by the owners themselves demolition or dismantling by the urban management department; for cannot be directly removed, by the urban management department on the surface covering materials such as aluminum buckle hard cover.

The official said that the central city of Chengdu were investigated illegal LED advertising screen 9655, has been removed by the block of 9654. The remaining piece is not removed in the high-tech zone, because the owners did not find a temporary demolition. The next step will be to consolidate inspections, if the public found violations LED billboards, can call 12319 to report to the Municipal Urban Management Bureau report. "The responsible person said, at present our city, only the approval of the legitimate LED display the number of generally belongs to the large LED screen, for example, is located in Chengdu LED display kiosks, taxi stand, panda Plaza, Astronautics Hotel, Renmin South Road at the heart of the city. The person in charge said that these screens are used to publish major decisions, major information, emergency information, public service advertising, etc., belong to a category in the construction of emergency platform.

Confusion of traffic signals

Due to violation of the LED advertising screen was removed, some businesses specializing in LED advertising screen business is now a bad day. Xinguang street, a LED advertising company boss Zhou told reporters that from October last year, their business declined by 80%. "To advertise, are generally open shop in the small streets. Zhou boss said.

"Why LED ads can not be used? For the removal of illegal LED advertising screen in Chengdu, many businesses issued a question.

The LED billboards on the street are very close to the traffic lights, in the evening, some of the screen looks like a traffic light, the driver mistakenly believe that the green light to drive forward, it is easy to cause traffic accidents. Chengdu Urban Management Bureau, the relevant person in charge of landscape lighting, told reporters that in addition to the production of new materials LED screen is also a certain impact on the environment. The light pollution caused by the LED screen is greater harm. It is understood that the brightness of the sun light is 2000CD (CD brightness parameter), if the brightness of more than two times the brightness of the sun, open when the human eye will be uncomfortable, and the brightness of the domestic market LED display is usually set at 5000CD or higher. In some countries in Europe and the United States, outdoor display brightness over 5000CD is defined as light pollution, will be sued by the local government. In addition, the results also show that the "light pollution" on the cornea and iris of the human eye is prone to injury, causing visual fatigue and visual decline.

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