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LED screen and stir up a busy market for two years without management

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Fujian daily news, at night, Fuzhou Gulou District Hualin road and the intersection of 54 Road crossroads, traffic. The huge LED advertising screen on the front of Galaxy Garden Hotel is particularly glaring. "Three Sheng International Park: old house to give my new house to you" "Bordeaux Manor: from home to family"... Real estate advertisements are constantly rolling.

The constantly changing LED glare is very dazzling. It not only makes the surrounding lights dim, but also allows past drivers and pedestrians to glimpse: it's really blinding!

The LED advertising screen has been constantly complained by the public. It has long been identified as an illegal advertisement by the municipal authorities. The departments concerned issued a notice of rectification as early as November 2013. Why is it still in the downtown area of the capital cities so far?

"Three no" LED advertising screen appeared downtown busy complaints, no fruit

Reporters from Fuzhou convenience center call center 12345 website inquiry to -

In November 3, 2013, there was a complaint from the public: "the outdoor electronic advertisement screen regulations have just been released. The Hualin intersection Galaxy garden has discovered" three no "outdoor big screens, no construction permits, no bidding, no outdoor advertising approvals, the wind is building screens, and the masses are talking about one after another. The intense glare of LED light impacts the pedestrian life and traffic safety at the intersection, please send someone to remove it.

In November 4th, the Fuzhou Construction Committee replied, "after checking, the advertisement screen has not been examined and approved. I have sent a letter to the City Council to assist in the dismantling (item list number D20130469)."

In November 8th, the Fuzhou city appearance administration replied: "our bureau of law enforcement officers recently went to the 54 Galaxy Galaxy Garden Hotel site. After checking, the advertisement screen has not been examined and approved. Our bureau has issued a notice of dismantling illegal advertising facilities, which will be demolished in accordance with law in the near future."

In November 30th, Miss Zheng, a Fuzhou resident, complained: "someone violated the regulations on outdoor advertising in Fuzhou, no bidding, no building permits, and occupied the sidewalk space. Illegal hanging of LED big screen on the external walls of the galaxy Garden Hotel at Hualin road is a serious violation of the law, affecting the lives and safety of the masses."

On December 11th and 19, the Fuzhou Municipal Construction Commission and the city appearance Administration Bureau replied one after another. Among them, the City Administration Bureau said that the LED advertising screen of the Yinhua Garden Hotel at Hualin road had not been examined and approved, and the notice of dismantling illegal advertising facilities was issued, which will be demolished according to the plan.

After more than 1 years, the huge LED advertising screen is still alive.

In March 25, 2015, some people once again reflected that the lights on the LED advertising screen of the galaxy garden were too bright, which brought safety risks to the passing vehicles, and hoped that the departments concerned would intervene as soon as possible. The Fuzhou appearance administration replied that after receiving the complaint, the law enforcement officers were arranged to go to the galaxy garden hotel to view the large outdoor advertising screen of the external wall violation LED. According to the city light tube office's "urban outdoor advertising dismantling list", the No. 200071st "Notice of dismantling illegal advertising facilities" has been issued. It will continue to urge the owners to rectify themselves, and overdue changes will enter the legal process.


Recently, when the taxi passed through the intersection, the strong light stimulation from the illegal advertising screen was felt at close range. Taxi master complained: "strong light is very easy to distract people. Careless traffic can cause traffic accidents."

According to the reporter, the Xiamen outdoor flame Advertising Co., Ltd. has been set up illegally for 2 years.

Fuzhou city tube office: Galaxy garden LED advertising screen suspected of breaking the law

Why did the LED advertisement screen still be used illegally for more than 1 years? The departments concerned have issued numerous notices. Why did they end up empty?

Zheng Xiong, deputy director of Fuzhou City Lighting Management Office, told reporters that the large LED advertising screen of Galaxy Garden Hotel was not set up for examination and approval. It was not only the masses complained that the advertising screen was nuisance, the content was vulgar, and it was very unhealthy; and they also found illegal construction problems in inspections. "For the supervision of outdoor LED billboards and advertising screens, the division of labor of each department is different. We are responsible for examination and approval, supervision and management, and the city management committee is responsible for the demolition. We have sent 2 assistance dismantling letters to the city management committee in October 2013 and January 2014 9, but no reply has been received. Zheng Xiong said.

According to the "outdoor advertising setup and management measures in urban areas of Fuzhou", outdoor advertising related to commercial publicity must be followed by auction and auction procedures, that is, under the premise of meeting the outdoor advertising plan, the auction house of the Fuzhou property rights service center shall be commissioned to conduct a public auction of the right to use the billboard.

The large advertising screen of Galaxy garden hotel can be identified as illegal advertising, because this location is located in the main traffic artery of the city, and belongs to the strict control area. At the same time, Hualin road is the political center of the provincial capital city, which is centrally distributed by the provincial Party committee, the provincial government and many provincial authorities. According to the relevant municipal planning of outdoor advertising in Fuzhou, this road is generally mainly based on shop recruitment, and large commercial advertisements are not permitted. Zheng Xiong told reporters that the advertising screen of Galaxy Garden Hotel is a large advertisement occupying about two storeys of the building facade and is located in the area unidentified by the planning department, which is obviously illegal.

The reporter learned from the office of market supervision bureau of Gulou District, Fuzhou, that the huge LED advertising screen of Galaxy garden hotel has not been put on record in the Bureau, and its content has not been examined and approved. Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Safety section chief Rao also confirmed to reporters that this LED advertising screen has hidden dangers.

Fuzhou City Management Committee: there is no high altitude demolition team.

Illegal settings, brightness nuisance, vulgar content, and security risks, the masses are strongly reflected, the relevant departments have repeatedly issued a notice, why has it been delayed action? To this end, the reporter visited the Fuzhou City Management Committee.

Jiang Yukun, deputy director of Fuzhou urban management committee, said in an interview with reporters that the LED advertising screen of Galaxy Garden Hotel is an illegal advertisement. It has received complaints from the public many times.

In the Fuzhou city management and law enforcement detachment, Lin Zhen, the head of the four squadron of the two brigade, told reporters that the notice of dismantling illegal advertising facilities issued by the Fuzhou Municipal Administration Bureau in October 31, 2013, December 26, 2014 and January 8, 2015 was signed. Among them, the notice issued in October 31, 2013 said: "Xiamen flame Advertising Co., Ltd.: according to the letter on assisting the dismantling of illegal advertisements in urban areas" (Yung Jian light tube D20130469), the Bureau will demolish the illegal advertising facilities located in the LED large advertisement screen of the outer wall of galaxy Garden Hotel in November 3, 2013. Assist. "

When reporters asked when they could be demolished, Jiang Yukun said: "at present there is no high altitude demolition team in Fuzhou, and the city management department does not have the qualification to dismantle the LED advertising screen now." Reporters continue to ask, is it necessary to let this illegal advertising screen continue to exist? Jiang Yukun said that they had reported to the municipal government that they would open the tender as soon as possible and find a qualified company to dismantle it.

Provincial Advertising Association: resolutely banning illegal advertising

Huang Shuguang, vice president of the Provincial Advertising Association, believes that although the LED advertisement screen has the function of beautifying the environment and enhancing the popularity of the products, it is also harmful to the society. In his view, first of all, the government should guide and carry out reasonable planning, from the assessment of residents' life, traffic safety, surrounding environment, and the coordination with surrounding buildings. Secondly, the industry mainly takes into account the public interest. At the same time, the departments concerned should strengthen management and strengthen the control over the brightness, time and content of the LED advertising screen.

He believes that the location of the LED advertising screen like galaxy Garden Hotel is very unreasonable. It is located in the traffic arteries, strong light stimulation, resulting in visual deviation, so that the driver after this section can not correctly judge the information of the signal. He has learned the red light wrong to be a green light and red light.

"There is nothing wrong with the pursuit of economic benefits." Huang Shuguang said, "the key is that we can't break the law, we can't build happiness on the pain of others."

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