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LED smart bulbs also have the top ten? Rush onlookers

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


Installation of intelligent lighting is the first step to help you achieve smart home. If you do not know what smart bulbs in line with your lighting needs, followed by a small series together to look at the famous British science and technology magazine website PC Advisor's top ten LED smart bulbs in the UK market in 2015.

1, Philips Hue

Philips Hue series of smart bulbs, we have cooked can not be cooked. Here is the initial suite, including 3 A19, E27 LED bulb plus a wireless bridge, energy efficiency rating of A, priced at 176 pounds (equivalent to about RMB yuan). The same bridge can simultaneously control 50 Hue bulbs, remote control including brightness, color and time, etc.. It is interesting to note that the images on your mobile phone can be used as a light plate, select the color you want on your picture, and specify a light bulb.

2, Elgato Avea

Elgato Avea on the Amazon website in the UK price of 35 pounds (equivalent to about $345) per. You can use the apple product iPad or iPhone (currently does not support the Android system) to operate on the Elgato Avea, you can also control the 10 bulbs.

Elgato Avea lamp socket has three kinds of E27/E26/A19, with 7W 430 lumens brightness, energy efficiency level A. It can also act as an alarm clock, open at a predetermined time, and gradually brighten up like a natural sunrise, gently waking you up.

3, Belkin Wemo LED Kit

This suite on the Amazon website in the UK for 79 pounds (equivalent to about RMB 733 yuan). Kit contains 800 bulbs and a WeMo link, which has a bayonet bulb and spiral mouth of the two interfaces, with 9.5W lumens brightness. WeMo link can be connected to the home of the WiFi, a one-time support for 50 bulbs connected and controlled, very suitable for the layout of the overall intelligent lighting system.

WEMO LED control system for a wide range of applications, such as apple iOS6 and above, Android 4 and above, Kindle Fire OS and above. In addition, Belkin's application allows users to set the "work" time, for example, according to the sunrise and sunset lights automatically switch to define a sleep cycle, through the light gradient to wake up the sleeping you.

4, Olixar Bluetooth sound bulb

Olixar audio bulbs priced at 24.99 pounds (equivalent to about RMB 232 yuan). Its power is only 3W, equipped with a standard E27 lamp holder. The light bulb is compatible with Bluetooth 4 devices, so long as you can connect to a cell phone, a computer or a tablet to play music.

Just turn on the light bulb, and it works just as well as Bluetooth, but it also means that if you want to listen to music during the day, you have to turn on the LED bulb. So it is more appropriate to use it at dusk or at night.

5, Lava BrightSounds Bluetooth sound bulb

Lava BrightSounds on the Amazon website in the UK price of 39.99 pounds (equivalent to about RMB 371 yuan). Lava rated power of 4W, is a portable Bluetooth speaker bulb.

Lava can be connected to the power supply, but also the use of built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Full power needs 3-4 hours, can be used as a speaker can play 8 hours of music, as long as the light bulb can achieve a maximum lighting time of 10 hours. The utility model has the advantages that the utility model has the advantages of adjustable light, portable, waterproof, repeatable charging, answering the telephone, music, etc., and can be said to be one of the best tools for field camping.


This smart bulb we have been very familiar with, some time ago in the field of vision. On the Amazon website in the UK price of 64.99 pounds (equivalent to about RMB 603 yuan).

LIFX is a WiFi connected with the smart phone remote control, and can send a variety of colors of LED bulbs, life of up to 25 years (40000 hours). The use of mobile phone APP control, you can choose a different color of light, up to 16 million colors, equivalent to a brightness of incandescent 75W. You can also make the LIFX with the rhythm of the music to change, to work or not at home when the realization of automatic switching bulbs.

7, Tabu Lumen LED

Tabu Lumen LED on the Amazon website in the UK price of 44.95 pounds (equivalent to about RMB 417 yuan). It is based on a Bluetooth 4 smart bulbs, iOS and Android system can be controlled by the phone on the APP, a APP can control up to 10 bulbs.

Tabu Lumen rated power of 7W, brightness up to 400 lumens, can simulate about 1600 colors. It uses a standard threaded interface and supports 100V-240V global standard voltage. The surface of the hollow design is not only rich in layering and good heat dissipation.

8, Sengled Pulse

Sengled Pulse is also a Bluetooth audio bulb, but because of its use of JBL multi-channel sound, so the price is high, the Amazon site for 149.99 pounds (equivalent to about RMB 1391 yuan). Users can make their own devices and bulbs through Bluetooth pairing, the current application has been iOS and Android versions.

The Pulse light bulb kit consists of two light bulbs, a main bulb and a satellite bulb controlled by a wireless connection. LED bulb with standard E26 lamp holder, life of 25000 hours.

9, MiPow PlayBulb

Compared with the general LED bulbs, Playbulb's head is obviously larger, but its interface is part of the common home E