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LED street lamp case, Taiwan public servant sentenced first instance

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Just last year, Hualian County broke out the purchase of LED street lamps. In June 24th, the Hualian local court directed against the 4 members of Hualian county councilor Pan Fumin, Chen Changming, Chen Xiufu and Shi Jin Shu. They moved the local construction subsidy through the factory lobby to subsidize the LED street lamps, fire safety installations and so on, and accepted the new Taiwan dollar 1 million. To 2 million yuan of bribes, the Hualian yard was sentenced to 4 to 9 years' imprisonment and 5 years of public power in violation of the crimes of corruption and punishment, and 5 years of deprivation of public rights. In addition, Su Zhengqing, the governor of zhuoxi County, who was involved in corruption, was also a partner in the company's purchase of LED lamps and bribes. It was in accordance with the joint offence of embezzlement and punishment that the regulations did not violate the duty of accepting bribes. A total of three offense, the joint execution of fixed-term imprisonment in eight years and six months, deprived of public power for five years, has now fully returned to NT $three hundred and forty-seven thousand confiscated, the first trial is guilty.

In accordance with the 78 provision of the local system law, the mayors, township heads and village heads of the municipalities directly under the central government are suspected of committing crimes of internal disorder, foreign invasion, corruption or crimes of organized crime, and those who are sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment above the first instance shall be sent to the township government by the county government. It is very worried that rural affairs will stop.

LED lantern scandal involves many people. Zhuoxi Township Office is convicted of the first instance except two heads of township. As for the county government who will appoint zhuoxi township head, at present, the county government will wait for the court's judgment to carry out follow-up work.

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