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LG Innotek 180lm/W high power LED production

Time:2017-04-07 FONT:bigMinmin


LG Innotek successfully achieved the highest luminous efficiency of high-power LED packaging products (H35C4 Series) production, reaching 180lm/W.

LG Innotek high power LED packaging products than before the production of light products increased by more than 13%. Compared to competitors' products at the same level, the optical efficiency has increased by more than 10%.

LG Innotek company, plans to start in October, the production of H35C Series to the global market supply.

LG Innotek successfully achieved the highest luminous efficiency of high-power LED packaging product production, reaching 180lm/W. (photo: LG Innotek)

LG Innotek on the basis of vertical LED chip technology, the manufacture of the LED chip to produce fluorescent powder and mixing process optimization, and successfully improve performance. In particular, the actual use of LED lighting environment at 85 degrees C, 700mA, compared to other competing products of 10lm/W, up to a light efficiency of 152 lm/W, product performance and reliability has been recognized.

Also increased the life of the product. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certification system -LED lighting dependability evaluation table respect the "LM-80" test results, this product than the product before 51000 hours of life increased by about 3 times, which can be used for 150000 hours.

LG Innotek reached a warm color (2700K), cold white (5000K), 6500K (daylight color) and other areas of color temperature range of products and to achieve a natural color similar to the color rendering index (CRI) more than 90 of the high color rendering (High CRI) product line. Customers to buy this product, according to the purpose of use, you can design LED lighting products.

LG Innotek later in the focus on the development of 5W high power LED package, LED package and other high efficient performance of new products at the same time, with the world's highest level of performance of the UV LED car and LED lighting products with high added value such as plan, enhanced lighting products series.

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