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Lighting store owner died, store sale received ten thousand help

Time:2017-05-23 FONT:bigMinmin


According to Taiwan media "Apple Daily" reported that the Kaohsiung train station fraternity Road No. 66 has a lighting shop, the boss in November last year in the work of sudden cerebral haemorrhage ill, finally saved a life. Did not think of the end of March this year due to a burst of fierce burst hepatitis, sudden death. Leaving a bewildered wife and 3 children. Unable to operate, they can not afford to rent a shop, they choose clearance sale, but the effect is limited.

Finally, the boss of the Anne S. Yen April 6th cousin on Facebook posts for help, said "if at the end of the month will not return before the store stock is sold, the goods can only be treated as waste disposal, but also follow the hefty removal costs." She also stressed that "all things as long as you sincerely bid, cheap."."

Unexpectedly, the article was shared more than 10 thousand times in just 3 days, attracting many people. Anne S. Yen said: "I didn't expect the power of the network to be so great. The crowds in the store are much bigger than we expected."...... These few days cousin body has overwhelmed sick."

Just when the funeral of relatives and friends decided to stop business before April 11th, let the boss take a break, 4/12 from 1 to 6 every afternoon, re auction clearing. These days, they are expected to sort out the goods so that long queues of people will reduce their waiting time.

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