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Lighting system "yellow to white" to replace more than 100 LED lights.

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Yuhuan, China news network, October 21st, in Longxi Road, Longxiang Road, a yellow climbing vehicle parked on the side, county street lighting staff are replacing lighting street lamps.

It is understood that there are more than 100 lights on both sides of Longxiang Road, which use traditional energy consumption of 250 watts of sodium lamp, while the night is a warm yellow light source.

In order to save energy and raise the standard of luminance, the lighting systems of county tunnels are changed to "yellow to white". At the same time, road lighting is gradually transformed. The newly installed street lamps use energy-saving and environment-friendly LED lamps, and the output is 130 watts, which not only improves the brightness standard of roads, but also improves the traffic environment and comfort. It also reduced energy consumption by more than 50% and reduced the cost of street lamp electricity.

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