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Lumileds extended flip chip product line launches new white CSP

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


Liang Rui relies on CSP chip scale package LEDs family to continuously promote technological progress. LUXEON FlipChip white light flip chip brings leading industry's luminous flux and lumen / yuan to lighting applications.

Liang Rui extends its leadership in the field of CSP and delivers a new LUXEON FlipChip white light flip chip. As a pioneer in adopting CSP to encapsulate LEDs, Liang Rui has sold LEDs, which covers more than 500 million applications, and has more than CSP packages. As early as February 2013, the company released the first blue LUXEON flip chip, giving the lamp manufacturer the complete design flexibility from the LED chip level. In early 2015, Liang Rui launched the LUXEON FlipChip UV UV flip chip, and released the LUXEON FlipChip white chip flip chip for the general lighting market until 22. The CSP technology eliminates the traditional substrate to reduce the packaging size, so that manufacturers can directly attach LED chips to the PCB board to reduce the overall system cost. The bright CSP technology is designed to provide high light efficiency at high current density and optimize the lumen density and lumen / yuan level of the industry.

High lumen applications such as outdoor and industrial lighting will benefit from the ability of LUXEON FlipChip white chip flip chip to withstand high current driving and strong high-power architecture. LUXEON FlipChip white light flip chip, small light source size and high luminous flux can also support directional light bulbs and lamps to achieve high encapsulation density and excellent beam control.

By providing LUXEON FlipChip white chip flip chip on the market leading matrix platform (Matrix Platform), Liang Rui will further accelerate the adoption of CSP technology in the industry. These LED panels, linear LED lights and modules can configure LUXEON FlipChip white light flip chip with connectors, two optical, wiring and / or electronic devices to speed up the entry of application products and simplify supply chain management.

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