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Millet Meizu smart bulb trial experience: bad review?

Time:2017-05-23 FONT:bigMinmin


Having felt the thrill of turning off the lights on the bed in winter (if you are in the southern city, the pleasure is expected to be stronger), you start to pay attention to all kinds of smart lights. However, with the use of time for a long time, the experience of the scene more, and after a few smart lamps, and found that in fact, they are still some gap from intelligence.

In the bongII Bracelet article, I mentioned the yeelight smart light, because it can use bongII to control the switch, so I used a long time, and has always been wearing bongII. After entering the house, you can go to the room while walking, press the Yes button on the bracelet to turn on the lights, and then lie on the bed brush, tired of mobile phones, then click to turn off the lights, this scene is still very convenient. However, I have a special situation: because of living with my parents, sometimes my parents will come into my room. Although the light is not lit, the switch on the wall is in open state, and it will be closed for me.

Once this happens to be in trouble, ordinarily I just open the power of good, but the yeelight will return to the start of the design in time to open the power, become the very warm yellow lights. If you keep this kind of light for years, of course, but if you like the bright white light in your room, you need to open your cell phone and adjust the color temperature of the light. But also the emergence of a bug when I use: turn off the power once again open, app will lose the connection to the lamp, I need to delete connection has been established, and then re search, add, and then adjust the color temperature of light bulb. However, after deleting the app, reinstall, and connect, the bug seems to disappear and can't be restored.

Finally, I changed yeelight and picked bongII at the same time.

Meizu X-Light+ is smart Home Furnishing first members of one of the reasons for his is I iMagic to the other friends, and white light X-Light+ will be brighter than yeelight (forgive me for not comparing several lights with the power and LED lamp lumens, was more than traditional energy-saving lamp power), though can not control by using a mobile phone app bracelet, but also to endure the control switch. But the same problem, first of all, if I don't turn off the wall switch, then go home every night, I need to take my cell phone out in the dark, unlock, turn on the app, and then turn on the light. Obviously, this is much less efficient than pressing the power source, so I choose to turn off the power and turn on. But when I want to close the night you will need to enter the app, the first point of connection, select the device, connected and then return to the previous menu and then closed. Although used to be good, can take the mobile phone to turn off the lights, but also what bike, but it will inevitably feel that when the design is not very human.

The main function of X-Light+ is the main interface in the symphony, you can click on the different colors of bubbles to make light of a different color, app also built a large number of ways to change the color, for example, you can through the game to transform, transform the color or by the rhythm of the music, or through a shake to transform. This bright light is an attractive function in intelligent lamp has just appeared, just installed when the user will usually because of fresh and fun, but after the novelty too, do not know how many people will often get the room will be riotous with colour. My family is not a nightclub, nor do party every day. All I need is a bright white light and a warm light for reading. Of course, if you use X-Light+ in a night bar or bar, it may be more appropriate, you can also let guests deploy their favorite colors, what psychedelic purple, warm red ah, charm blue...... Charm Blue or something like that.

But X-Light+ isn't really convenient, so I just used it as a traditional light bulb.

Magic Teng is quite early began to do smart light manufacturers, because focus on the lamp, so the product has been iterative, and introduced the relevant accessories. And their "smart light should not rely on app" concept, let me have a great interest. Although compared to other smart light, the program is slightly more complicated, but in my opinion, probably the best smart light program at the moment.

First of all, if you have a magic Teng Nova 2 intelligent lamp, then you just have a price of 129 LED bulbs, unable to use his mobile phone remote control, or adjust, cannot be linked with other equipment, need a price of 149 of the Teleport gateway can. The price is much higher than the cost of other lights, so please be prepared, if you want to create such a system, must be a bit of blood.

The Teleport gateway is the core of phantom of the whole system, you need to put it up on the power supply and cable connected with the router, and then wait for the light blue, in addition to using app to scan the two-dimensional code but does not require any settings, then you can use the same code scanning way to add equipment. If there is only one light, then use app to control the lights on, the lights off, and the adjustment of light and shade and color temperature. App offers a variety of scene selection, users can define different color temperature and brightness free collocation, can be the scene into a shortcut on the mobile phone screen, although still turn on the lights when to open the mobile phone click on app, but compared to the open app then turn on the lights (possibly re connection) more convenient.

More specifically, he offers multiple peripherals