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More than 400 communities in Wuhan replace LED street lamps

Time:2018-11-19 FONT:bigMinmin


According to the Changjiang Daily News, yesterday, the Wuhan street light administration announced the progress of improving the lighting quality of the community. At present, 1036 new street lamp cement poles have been added, and the project has entered the finishing stage.

According to the introduction, at present, a total of 489 communities in central Wuhan city improve the lighting quality project has entered the finishing stage, mainly to ensure that street lighting renovation not only meets the old community infrastructure upgrade and beautify the living environment of the people, but also meets the needs of road scientific lighting, and focuses on solving the old communities, "there are no roads and no lights". The residents of Lane Lane feel the difficulties of traveling.

The Bureau changed old and damaged lamps into new LED light sources or energy saving light sources to make street lamps more energy saving and environmental protection. Up to now, there are 1036 new street lamp cement poles, 9698 new energy-saving lamps, 636 LED lamps, and 2396 street lamps will be completed in late June.

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