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Multi color temperature anti fog and haze LED smart streetlight project case diagram shows the effect

Time:2017-08-07 FONT:bigMinmin


"Chongqing China creation" Internet plus color temperature adjustable LED anti fog and haze remote intelligent lights, including encapsulation of LSSP RF integrated circuits, LSTGS intelligent color, light modulation integrated circuit package, LSXGF integrated circuit package, intelligent control system, hardware manufacturing, software development and application technology, the technology (hereinafter referred to as: the technology in the national high-tech) green technology enterprises in Chongqing science and technology development limited company full fruition. The technology of the invention, is the world's manufacturing LED lamp applications subversive revolution history, to fill gaps in the city street lamp color temperature "intelligent lighting. This technology is China's strategic emerging industries, in line with the central "innovation driven development strategy" and "supply side structural reform, in the field of street lighting will replace ordinary monochromatic temperature LED lamp manufacturing technology backward.

The technology in the G50 of Chongqing Chongqing Fuling Expressway in Tieshan, Huashan, Huang Caoshan, Ping Village, concentric Fort Temple tunnel, Jiulongpo Shi Xin Lu, Shiping bridge tunnel, Yuzhong Caiyan, Nan'an District longhuang tunnel, wind road, the wind goose branch, tea residue field road, Yingbin Avenue in Fengdu County, Han Chongqing area Shapingba road tunnel, Fuling District poly Yunshan tunnel, Yunyang Qunyi, Wangjiang tunnel hundredthe application, the use effect is good, both owners and the community widely praised. The technology won first place in the 2015 national LED "haze reduction technology innovation award" in the competition, a number of media reports. For example, Chongqing satellite TV "news broadcast" column reported that "innovation driven development" made in Chongqing "intelligent lamp reached the international advanced level", "Chongqing daily" reported that "the" made in Chongqing "anti haze LED lamp by domestic market favor", "Chongqing enterprises developed the chameleons LED street," "have you seen the chameleons no street"; Chinese network published "China created" the world soft light lamp color temperature, brightness adjustable remote LED street lamp, tunnel lamp". After the people's Government of Chongqing City, hundreds of websites reproduced.

Chongqing Cai Yuan District of Yuzhong city road map

G50 Chongqing Chongqing Fuling Expressway Tunnel renderings of Fort Temple

G50 Chongqing Chongqing Fuling expressway toll station Jiangbei high pole lamp renderings

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